Anna Gregoline | March 11, 2005
Where is Anthony Lewis? I miss him.

Jackie Mason | March 11, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anthony Lewis | March 25, 2005's so nice to be missed. **sniff sniff**

I've been busy with some things, and mired in some personal drama (which has cleared up). I haven't left TC completely. I likely won't be here often, but I'll be here at some point.

It really is nice to be missed. :-)

Anna Gregoline | March 25, 2005
Glad to see you! Hope we see you around at least a little bit.

Scott Hardie | April 15, 2005
Now appearing on the sides of milk cartons: Dave Mitzman and Scott Horowitz. What are you guys up to, besides guessing at goos without stopping by the old TC?

Scott Horowitz | April 15, 2005
Wow... I feel honored. I've been busy at hell at work. I usually poke around TC when I have little to do. But, we're coming to the end of a long project today, and I have been swamped. I'm sorry I haven't thrown my 2 cents in lately, but I have hardly had time to think, let alone post/bitch.

Anthony Lewis | May 8, 2005
I know I disappeared again. Well, I'm in love. I met a wonderful woman a few weeks ago, and have been spending more time with her than in front of my computer.

It's sickening. I know.

Steve West | May 8, 2005
Hey, priorities. I'm in touch with that. Good to hear from you.

Scott Hardie | May 8, 2005
Glad to hear the news, Anthony.

God help this site the next time that happens to me. :-)

Jackie Mason | May 8, 2005
[hidden by request]

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