Scott Hardie | May 3, 2005
Everybody knows what "guy movies" and "chick flicks" are. List your favorite films made for the opposite gender, your least favorite films made for your gender, and the movies that make you cry. (And watch out for spoilers on that last one.)

Source: Michele (link) and Greg (link)

Scott Hardie | May 3, 2005
Chick flicks I like:

"Casablanca" - A perfect movie. Has something for everyone. I bristle when someone tells me they won't watch this because they "don't watch old movies" – it's universally beloved for a reason.

"White Oleander" and "Titanic" - We've been over these already.

"Amelie" - Adorable, very funny, and thoroughly pleasing.

"Doctor Zhivago" and "A Passage to India" - Beautiful, engrossing, complex. I'm not the biggest Lawrence fan, but David Lean rocked the house with these.

"Sirens" - Technically it's a chick flick, but there's enough supermodel nudity to pass as a guy movie. Anyway, I like its charm and its guilelessness, especially in the scene where the boys and girls play in the creek bed, and Portia de Rossi's dopey airhead.

"An Officer and a Gentleman" - Admittedly, I like the Gere-Gossett relationship much more than the Gere-Winger relationship, but it has its charms all the same. I never tire of seeing David Caruso almost drown.

"Sophie's Choice" - Powerful stuff. Meryl Streep gives one of the best performances of her amazing career.

"Before Sunrise" & "Before Sunset" - So intelligent, so unexpectedly moving.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - So dumb, but also unexpectedly moving. :-)

"Harold and Maude" - Is this a chick flick? It's terrifically funny and hard to forget.

Also: "Shakespeare in Love" and "The Notebook" and "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "I Dreamed of Africa" and "You've Got Mail"

Guy movies I don't like:

"The Godfather: Part II" - I loved I and III, but here Vito's material feels like a retread, and Michael is the same at the end as he was at the beginning.

"The Usual Suspects" - Irony is only useful if your audience agrees that you are superior to the material. I didn't. This movie was trying way too hard to be clever and hip to engage my interest.

"Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail" - Sorry, fans. I always stop laughing after about ten minutes, and my interest turns elsewhere after thirty.

"A Clockwork Orange" - Grating and way over-the-top. A satire of a possible societal value that is in little danger of becoming reality.

"Reindeer Games" - Ugh. So stupid. I think it started piling on the twist endings because it got bored with itself. For a guy who starred in "Armageddon" and "Gigli," it takes a whopper to be called Ben Affleck's worst movie, but this is it.

the "Evil Dead" trilogy - We've been over this. I don't know if the first one qualifies as a guy movie, but the Three Stooges bit in "Evil Dead II" and the entirety of "Army of Darkness" definitely do.

"End of Days" - Possibly Arnold's worst movie. Dumb as a brick. One good line from Kevin Pollack is the only thing worthwhile about it.

"The Tuxedo" - Probably not Jackie Chan's worst movie, but it's the worst I've seen. "Shanghai Nights" was also execrable, and I've always been underwhelmed by the original "Supercop."

the "Austin Powers" sequels - Mike Myers has made a career out of milking and milking and milking the same jokes dozens of times over. What was moderately funny the first time because a grating bore the second and unspeakably bad the third.

"Training Day" - Denzel Washington's villain isn't scary, he's just a big fucking asshole. His comeuppance couldn't come fast enough.

"Blade" and "Blade: Trinity" and "Daredevil" and "Van Helsing" - Nuff said.

Movies that make me cry:

"The Passion of the Christ" and "Together" and "Do the Right Thing" and "Grave of the Fireflies" and "The Matrix" – that last one not because it's sad, but because I stop blinking for minutes at a time :-)

Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
I can't get over *anyone* not enjoying MP's Holy Grail, Scott... sacrilege! If for no other reason, how can you possibly not watch the five-ten minute scene with the Vorpal Bunny?!!! This alone is damn well enough to put it under "Movies that make me cry" -- because I tear up with laughter every frickin' time! (post-edit: Although, I do admit to being only primarily interested in this one scene and can see how one might lose interest elsewhere after a while. I'm not really up for multiple viewings of it like I was in high school/college, either...)

In fact, it may well be an over-used and trite gimmick, but it makes me laugh every time *any* movie uses fake animals in a ridiculously humorous fashion. Some examples that immediately spring to mind: "Lost Boys" (grandpa's weird taxidermy collection always makes me chuckle); "Rocket Man" (all I can really remember of it is his struggle with that chimp!); "Something About Mary" (Puffy the Dog is, in my opinion, that movie's biggest redemption); and, of course, the Carl Spackler/Dancing Gopher/Mr. Squirrel ("not plastic explosive") classic that is "Caddyshack"... who doesn't laugh at that?!

Of course, I loved "The Matrix" (don't really care for the sequels, however) -- who didn't, and why is this a "guy movie"??? (I liked "The Usual Suspects", too...)

So, along with the above-mentioned, some other "guy movies" I loved:

"Gangs of New York" - Although three hours long, I have watched it at least half a dozen times now... once even recently back-to-back (satellite)! Ironically, though (because the first time I watched it was on the Vinson while deployed), I came away unimpressed the first time. The combination of extreme fatigue and a painfully long (and slow, at times) movie in a darkened room was too much for me to handle, and I fell asleep watching it. I now own it on DVD and feel compelled to sit and watch every time I see it come on any of the premium channels. (In fact, I was going to start another discussion about this... what movie, whenever you see it come on TV during unscheduled view time, will make you stop/drop whatever you're doing to watch it?)

And while on Scorcese, might as well include:

"Casino" (as opposed to "Goodfellas" & Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" -- neither of which I'd go out of my way to see multiple times) - Having never been a huge Scorcese or gangster film fan, I haven't seen or been inclined to see *all* of them, but of the ones I have, this one makes my list... probably just because I love Vegas, though.

"Bringing Out the Dead" and "Color of Money" - Haven't yet seen "Aviator" (and... I hesitate to admit that I've never sat through any of the Godfather films in their entirety... d'oh!)

"Full Metal Jacket" - I think being in the military has probably given me a greater appreciation for war films/guy movies, too. More in this category -- some serious, some not-so-much:

"Stripes" - Gotta' love Bill and Harold, both!

"Enemy at the Gates" - Love the movie, and love it even more with Jude Law and Joseph Fiennes...

"Apocalypse Now" - Saw it before the Navy (but *after* reading Conrad) and still loved it!

"The Bridge on the River Kwai" - Almost had a chance to tour the real one in Thailand, but because we had most of our MWR tours shut down due to terrorism threat levels, I didn't get to go after all... fucking terrorists -- one more reason to hate them!

"Saving Private Ryan" - Don't know if this really qualifies as a real "guy movie" or just an everybody kind of film, but this and "Schindler's List" are both great movies about WWII.

"Tora, Tora, Tora" - While I'm at it...

Okay, enough war flicks:

"Easy Rider" - Hell, any movie with Nicholson in it! (Except for "About Schmidt"... although poignant, that one was a real downer, and I was a bit disappointed with it.) Any movie with Dennis Hopper, too, for that matter...

"True Romance" - Speaking of which... and now I have to add Walken to that "any movie with" list.

Shit... okay, any Clint Eastwood movie! (Oddly enough, I'm not so much a fan of John Wayne, though...) I do believe that most guys would say that "Bridges of Madison County" doesn't count, however... and I liked that one, too -- even though it *is* rather slow... ;-D) And, of course, I have to mention one more fave military flick with him: "Heartbreak Ridge"

"Office Space" - I don't really see this so much as a "guy movie" as another "everybody (esp, anybody who's ever held an office job!) film", but I've seen it on many a "top guy movies" list. This movie is *every* job I've ever worked... including the Navy!!! (I especially love the "flair" jokes, even though Waffle House was not really a flair-wearing establishment!) If you also enjoy this one, there is a really great little indie film -- very similar in concept -- by a guy named Josh Kornbluth called "Haiku Tunnel", and it totally makes me laugh out loud, as I have done extensive office temping and can *really* relate to it every bit as much as "Office Space"... ;-D

"Swingers" - C'mon... do I really need to say it? This film is so "money", it almost makes me wish I *were* a guy! Also gave me an appreciation for Favreau.

"Fight Club" - Strangely, I can really understand this one... and I'm not a fan of boxing, per se, but I can definitely see why this one's a "guy movie". However... I also don't really understand any "chicks" not liking it, at least for Ed Norton and Brad Pitt! ;-D (This brings "American History X" to mind, too... another good one.)

*deep breath/big sigh* Okay, I know that most of you (if you're anything like E!) have to be past the point of caring by now, so I guess I'll stop and save you the pain (for now) of "chick flicks" I hate...

BTW, Scott... an ex of mine who adores "Reservoir Dogs" and "Fight Club" feels an equal affinity for "Harold & Maude" (I really liked it, too)... so I'm not sure if that qualifies as a "chick flick", either! And "Sirens" (another one I enjoyed) made #100 on Maxim's list, so it must not be worthy of the title in some guys' eyes, at least!!! Totally agree with you on "End of Days" -- couldn't even see it through -- and thought "Daredevil" was pretty lame, too. But... I kinda' did like "Van Helsing"...? ;-P ;-D

Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
I have to admit... I'm actually a bit hard-pressed to name some "chick flicks" that I didn't like. Guess I'm still a "chick", after all! ;-D

I will say this... I only recently watched "Beaches" for the very first time, and boy, did I ever think *that* one was over-rated. Not sure if that's the fault of years of waiting or if I'd have felt that way straight out of the gate, though... I was a little pissed, actually. Some movies that are supposed to make you cry do have this effect on me, however...

Much easier for me to name my crying films (there aren't too many!):
"Joy Luck Club"
"Meet Joe Black"
"Big Fish"
(I find it rather interesting that these all have a common theme of parent-child loss -- this must be what really turns my water-works on... makes me a bit afraid for when it happens to me, too...)

I'm trying really hard to think of some others here:
"Forrest Gump"
"Schindler's List"
"The Green Mile" (although not really an "every time" crier... but I was drunk the first time I saw it, and I bawled my eyes out!)

If I think of any others, I'll add them on later. ;-P

Steve West | May 4, 2005
Chick flicks I like:
1) The African Queen - Bogart at his scruffiest but still lovable. A beautiful love story.
2) A League of Their Own - Why didn't Geena Davis and Tom Hanks not make another movie together, or did they?
3) 3 Hommes et un Couffin - The original french film remade (poorly) in America as Three Men and a Baby.

Guy movies I don't like:
1) Natural Born Killers - Oliver Stone is a genius?
2) Exit to Eden - Rosie O'Donnell as a leather dominatrix ('nuff said).
3) Trapped in Paradise - Dana Carvey at his mugging worst up to that point (a prelude to Master of Disguise).
4) I Spy - Eddie Murphy's worst since Best Defense.

Movies that make me cry:
1) Brian's Song - You really have to be made of stone not to get at least misty-eyed during the "I love Brian Piccolo" speech.
2) Old Yeller - Guilty.

Michael Paul Cote | May 4, 2005
Chick Flicks
Serendipity - John Cussack & Kate Beckensdale
Practical Magic and just about any Sandra Bullock movie
What Women Want - Mel Gibson & Helen Hunt
10 Ways To Lose A Guy

Guy Movies
End of Days - right on Scott
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - Enough was too much
Starsky & Hutch
Judge Dredd

Made me cry
Pay It Forward
A.I. (Yeah I know another Haley Joel Osment film)
Pink Floyd's The Wall (Only because I couldn't believe I actually spent money to see it)
Probably some others I can't think of.

Scott Horowitz | May 4, 2005
Chick Flicks I like:
1) Bring it On - Cracks me up every time
2) Never Been Kissed - For some reason, I like this Drew Barrymore tripe.

Guy Movies I hate:
Pulp Fiction
Van Helsing

Made me cry:
Schindler's List

Jackie Mason | May 4, 2005
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | May 4, 2005
Guy Films That I Love:

Speed (ok ok, it's cheesy kind of but I loved it)
Terminator 2
Momento (Thanks, Scott for taking me to the late show on this one!)
Hmmm...don't really like Die Hard or anything like that. Do love a lot of action movies though, like Indiana Jones and whatnot...I can even get into things like the Fast and the Furious, even though I find them better with the sound off - it's not like you miss what's going on. Oh, and kung fu movies I'm always down with although the same sound off rule can apply.
I also LOVE the Sopranos, although I know many women who won't watch it. I know that's not a movie, but it feels like watching a movie.

Least Favorite Films for Women:

Almost any chick flick. What Women Want, Sleepless in Seattle, anything with a little girl growing up, anything with a woman who finds completeness with a man in the end

Movies that I'm guilty over:
First Knight (I think? Richard Gere and Lancelot and all that, TOTALLY out of character for me, but I really like that movie)

Made me cry:

Pay it Forward did indeed make me cry.
Titanic made me cry (and the three guys I was with, too)
American Beauty

I'm having trouble remembering crying movies because I haven't seen anything lately that made me cry. I'm sure there are tons though, I'm a crier.

Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
"Memento" is a guy movie??? News to me. Certainly not that I would call it a chick flick, but I know a whole bunch of guys that hated that one (including Ed)... in fact, I can't think of any guys I know that loved it like I did -- only chicks! Besides, seems a bit cerebral to be classified as a "guy movie" to me...

Oh, and kung fu movies I'm always down with although the same sound off rule can apply.

What???!!! How can you possibly say this?! Bad dubbing is half the raison-d'etre for kung fu movies... saying this is like saying that you can enjoy Godzilla without the sound -- not true appreciation! ;-DDD

Scott Horowitz | May 4, 2005
It's definitely a guy movie. Think of the name of the star!!!

Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
Okay, I'll give you that one, Scott... ;-)

Anna Gregoline | May 4, 2005
I can say that cause...that's how I feel?

Can't stand cheesy dialogue or bad dubbing. Both is incomprehensible to me.

Amy Austin | May 4, 2005
Well, that's fine, Anna, but I guess then what I'm asking is how you can claim to like a particular genre of film if you prefer it with the sound off... or is that just an aside, and I'm making too much of it? If that's the case, I'll just lay off -- no harm, no foul!

I totally agree with you that "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was excellent!, and maybe it falls into this category -- or maybe not, for some purists. But while deferring judgment on this, I will only say that I rarely enjoy the occasional kung fu film and think it would be an insult to true kung fu movie afficionados to say that it's any good without the sound on. That's all I meant by the comment... which, as usual, was intended to be light and humorous.

Lori Lancaster | May 5, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
Absolutely... on both counts!

Although, for me... Zucker falls into the same category as Brooks. The only Brooks movie I really enjoyed was "History of the World", and of Zucker's idiocies, I think "Airplane!" will always be my favorite. Maybe that's only because I was able to see it before becoming "too grown up" for the rest (at the ripe old age of 8, I think?)...??? Nah... I just think they're way too stupid. ;-DDD (Well, okay... I *did* laugh at BASEketball, I guess... ;-P ;-DDD)

Even though he was only a (the?) producer, the Schumacher-directed "Phone Booth" was an interesting and surprising departure from the norm... with what I imagine has *got* to be the lowest location shooting budget EVER in movie history?!!! (link) (I mentioned this only because I have just got to wonder... how on Earth did this one and "A Walk In the Clouds" get into the mix on his producer-filmography plate???)

Anna Gregoline | May 5, 2005
"Well, that's fine, Anna, but I guess then what I'm asking is how you can claim to like a particular genre of film if you prefer it with the sound off... "

Because it's a free country and I can? I don't really get the objection...

Scott Horowitz | May 5, 2005
Personally I think Amy is the Anti-Christ (If I belived in one) for not liking Mel Brooks or Zucker Brothers movies.

Jackie Mason | May 5, 2005
[hidden by request]

Michael Paul Cote | May 5, 2005
F'king asshole John Cusack...

OK Amy, what's worse, realizing that you don't love someone before the wedding and calling it off or waiting for God knows how many years before ending it? Besides, she didn't seem too broken up about it. And besides, have you never felt an immediate connection with someone? It's not like Cussack took her home, had his way with her and then decided to leave the fiancee. Their connection was much more on a cerebral or spiritual level. This was a feeling that bugged him for some time (her too obviously, remember she left her fiance also). As far as committment issues, how committed were they to finding these other individuals that they mutually connected with. I find it very romantic as did my wife.

Brooks - Blazing Saddles & Young Frankenstein.

Jackie Mason | May 5, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
F'king asshole John Cusack...

Wait just a minute now there, Michael (or should I call you "Scott"?)!!! I never wrote those words and never would in a million years, if it weren't for quoting somebody... *I liked* "Serendipity" and thought it rather romantic, as well -- better pose that question to Jackie, bro'! (And what good timing, too, considering her current personal dilemmas...) ;-DDDDD

Scott: Hmmm... does this give me any special powers? If so, I'll take the position. Especially if it also pays well. Sorry, but I'll take the Farrellys and the Cohens and the Wilsons over the Zuckers any day of the week!

And I didn't forget "Blazing Saddles" or "Young Frankenstein", either... I have a whole bunch of friends who are ARDENT fans of the former -- but it's only mildly funny to me, unless I watch it with them... since laughter (and just about any other emotion, for that matter) *is* contagious!!! These same friends also LOVE the Naked Gun movies (is it just me, or is the only funny thing watching OJ get his comeuppance as Nordberg???), Men in Tights, and all that other tripe and would probably agree with Scott that I am, in fact, the Anti-Christ. Fortunately for me, they also enjoy "The Princess Bride".

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
So I guess Jackie *is* answering to "Amy" these days... ;-DDDDD (Never mind, then!)

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
Jackie, isn't the final scene at the Bloomingdale's counter supposed to be their anniversary? Other than that, yeah, they don't really address the jilted fiancee, do they? Maybe she hooked up with the crazy spiritual flutist??? After all, John Corbett isn't a bad catch at all... ;-DDD

Jackie Mason | May 5, 2005
[hidden by request]

Michael Paul Cote | May 5, 2005
Amy, my sincerest apologies, I got names mixed up. Sorry, you can ask Scott, I have a hard time keeping everyone straight. My comment was directed to Jackie who as you can see did reply. Again I apologize. And I love the Princess Bride also. Is that a chick flick?

Don't know that Cussack film, but how about "Identity" and "Runaway Jury" - not really wishy washy there. "The Jack Bull" is another good one. It got him out of those teen angst movies, although I think "Better Off Dead" is very funny.

Denise Sawicki | May 5, 2005
Jackie, I think you're thinking of High Fidelity.

Anna Gregoline | May 5, 2005
Can we agree on one thing? It feels like there is a disproportionate number of John Cusack movies where he becomes soaking wet at some point. I think it's in his contract.

Steve Dunn | May 5, 2005
I don't know if he gets wet in Better Off Dead, but that's a great movie.

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
Quite all right, Michael -- I wasn't truly offended... just teasing you. ;-P ;-D I'm not sure if "Princess Bride" qualifies as a true chick flick... that's another one that I would put into the "everybody" category -- guys, chicks, kids, & adults all seem to enjoy it equally.

I agree that Cusack is quite type-cast, but I still like him anyway. I think it's his very low-key straight-faced humor that I like so much. (LOVED "Better Off Dead", Michael!) I think he and Joan would be two of the coolest Hollywood people to meet -- I dig them both so much, and I really enjoy it when they appear in movies together. "Gross Pointe Blank" comes to mind, but there are plenty others... including "High Fidelity" -- which I also liked.

Amy Austin | May 5, 2005
All that snow??? Maybe he wasn't doused or soaked, but you can't possibly not get when when falling in the snow repeatedly!!! ;-DDD

Kris Weberg | May 6, 2005
Maybe it was a dry snow.

Amy Austin | May 6, 2005
Is that anything like a "dry heat"??? ;-DDD

Yes, heat may be dry, but it's still f'king HOT!!! (And if you hang around in it long enough, you don't feel so dry anymore... same with "dry snow", I'm willing to bet!)

Amy Austin | May 6, 2005
And that reminds me of when E and I got married... We drove from San Luis Obispo (Socal) to Las Vegas -- and back -- through the Mohave Desert in the middle of the day in a black car, no a/c, in the middle of July. That was a dry heat, too. Yep... with the vent "fan" on and the windows down, in fact, it felt exactly like a HAIR DRYER on full blast! ;-DDDDD

Scott Hardie | May 7, 2005
"The Usual Suspects" (which I always want to call "Unusual Suspects" after that damn X Files episode) - It's ok, I know I'm alone in disliking it. There are few things that make people doubt my taste in movies faster than telling them I didn't like this one.

"Full Metal Jacket" - Great military movie. So many great lines came from that. (link)

"Swingers" - I enjoyed this movie too, though I never could get over one single element: The use of the word "babies" to describe women. It's not at all a PC thing; they can call women whatever they want. It's just... "babies"? I equate that word with infants in diapers, sorry. "Let's go to Vegas for the weekend and hook up with some hot infants at a party!"

Amy, I know you were just kidding around about the kung fu movies, but my taste aligns with Anna's on this one: Bad English dubbing is what keeps me from seeing more of them. It's not funny; it grates on the nerves. I couldn't believe my ears when I finally watched "Crouching Tiger" in the godawful English dub on the DVD; if I had heard it that way for the first time, I wouldn't have liked it nearly as much.

"High Fidelity" - I neglected to mention this on the list of guy movies I don't like, although it certainly has appeal for women. Anybody who knows me, knows that I hate Jack Black with a seething passion, and it stems entirely from the monstrous jerk he played in this movie. He was such a horrible character that he ruined not just this movie, but all Jack Black movies for me. Oh what I wouldn't give to sign him up for Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's boot camp.

Erik Bates | May 7, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | May 7, 2005
Ditto on "babies", Scott... that is kind of a weird choice.

If I have a choice between sub-titles and dubbing, then of course I'm going to choose sub-titles. If it's between dubbing and no sound at all, then I'm going to choose the dubbing... it's that simple.

Didn't know you felt that way about Jack Black, Scott... did you try "Envy"? He was a pretty nice guy in it, and it has the added benefit of Walken in his usual craziness. Not that it's a stellar flick, mind you...

Jackie Mason | May 10, 2005
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | May 16, 2005
I love His Girl Friday, dated though it is. It's surprisingly non-sexist for its era. And I say that as a guy who believes that romantic comedies are neither.

I hate pretty much every Ahnuld movie except Terminator 1 and 2 and True Lies. Also, anything directed by Michael Bay will earn my fearsome wrath if I am induced to watch it.

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