Anna Gregoline | September 2, 2004
What advice would you give to a student just beginning high school?

Anthony Lewis | September 2, 2004
Try to be yourself and don't be influenced negatively by others.
READ, READ and READ more.
Don't play around in class.
Succumbing to peer pressure is akin to a cop out. Be strong and be brave.

Melissa Erin | September 3, 2004
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | September 3, 2004
Coolness has an expiration date: The day your senior class graduates. None of the petty, inane little nuances of the high school social order have anything to do with real life; today's homecoming queen is tomorrow's bag lady, and today's computer nerd is tomorrow's Bill Gates. So, as difficult as it can be to ignore, don't pay coolness any mind. Focus on the two things you get in high school that do stay with you the rest of your life, the education and the memories.

Steve West | September 4, 2004
Yes, you will probably never need to know the cosine of anything. However, the most important thing about learning this or anything is not necessarily the specific thing being taught. Math not only teaches specifics but more importantly, it teaches HOW to think. Also, English YES, Math YES, History YES YES YES.

Denise Sawicki | September 4, 2004
I actually need to use cosines in my job, oddly enough

Kris Weberg | September 4, 2004
Never settle for the feeling of knowing something without also knowing at least one good, strong, reason it might be untrue.

Read a novel every week, whether you have to or not for class.

The best way to get dates is not to worry too much about getting dates.

Likewise for being cool and popular.

The party should never be held at your house.

And finally, once you have a car, offer rides to those who need them. It's good karma, and you'll have some of the best conversations of your adolescence.

Erik Bates | September 5, 2004
Just to get my $0.02 in, I'll agree with what most everyone has said. Now that I'm watching students move in to college, and they're trying so hard to be the cool kids from high school, they can really make asses of themselves.

Just tonight I watched on kid who obviously wasn't in the "in" crowd walk home by himself after trying to mingle with the incoming freshmen. It was almost depressing.

I managed to make it through high school in limbo between the cool crowd, and the uncool. Probably because I was in band, and they had a good mix of both and you could get to know people and see them for what they really are. I was good friends with the quarterback, and yet I was one of the nerds. Go figure.

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