Anna Gregoline | September 2, 2004
Should public agencies be required to inform parents if their minor children (those under 17) seek birth control?

Erik Bates | September 2, 2004
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Anna Gregoline | September 2, 2004
What if the birth control provided isn't hormonal, and, as such, isn't "medical" in any way? Condoms don't affect your medical health except to ward off disease.

Jackie Mason | September 2, 2004
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Anthony Lewis | September 2, 2004
If I were a father, my answer might be different. The reality is, I don't think they should be required to inform parents. To kinda mirror Jackie, I would want these public agencies to make my child aware of the responsibilities & repercussions involved in the use of these methods. I believe in abstinence first, but birth control methods must be discussed. All the myths have to be busted. I think that a more informed child is able to make better decisions. They may not be the right decisions, but if some careful, informed thought goes into it...then I'd feel somewhat better about it.

I've made a promise to myself that I'd never shield my kids from anything once they reached a certain age. You gotta let them know what time it is.

Melissa Erin | September 3, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | September 3, 2004
I feel the same as the rest of you. The teenagers who aren't ready to talk to mom or dad about getting some birth control are not going to get some from a facility that will tell mom or dad for them. Those teens are the ones who are going to have unprotected sex and risk the consequences, so let's not make it harder for them to do the right thing.

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