Scott Hardie | August 25, 2018
Even if you don't usually care about brands and you buy whatever's generic or on sale, I'll bet there are a at least a few household products where you really do insist on a certain brand. What brands won't you do without?

Steve West | August 25, 2018
Charmin, Aquafresh, Old Spice shampoo, Smuckers grape jam, Coca-Cola, Martin's potato bread, and Prego. Everything else is negotiable.

Erik Bates | August 25, 2018
I'm mentally going through my house right now trying to think of what products I have that are name brand.

Since we started shopping at Aldi a couple years ago, I've been able to cut ties with most of my food brand loyalty.

All that comes to mind off the top of my head:


Oh, my wife does have a loyalty to Hellmann's mayonnaise, though we don't have much use for it these days.

Samir Mehta | August 26, 2018
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 26, 2018
Kelly is devoted to Martin's potato bread. No other brand is welcome in our pantry. I like it fine (especially how long it lasts), but I don't feel the same devotion.

I have tried all kinds of mouthwash and Scope is the only one for me. Listerine is so unpleasant that I don't even like the smell of it on someone else's breath.

I will only buy Hellmann's mayonnaise at the store, having been repulsed by so many others. But at a restaurant, I couldn't care less. I don't know why. And Miracle Whip is not acceptable as mayonnaise, any more than root beer is an acceptable substitute for Dr Pepper.

Until Steve's comment, I had no idea there was such a thing as Old Spice shampoo.

Steve West | August 26, 2018
Old Spice has several varieties of shampoo of which I like maybe 3 out of 6?, I think. And I forgot about Hellman's which gets a resounding YES! And Bumblebee white albacore tuna.

Erik Bates | August 26, 2018
Somewhat unrelated tangent, re: root beer and Dr Pepper.

1. Thank you for the lack of period in Dr - As a Dr Pepper fan, that means a great deal.

2. I once tried to order a DP at a restaurant, and the server said, "Oh, we don't have Dr Pepper. Would Mountain Dew be OK?"

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Matthew Preston | August 27, 2018
Right there with you on the Aldi discovery Eric. I'm convinced some of the generic brands are actually the same products repackaged. Even if not, I'll accept the placebo.

Cheerios (regular and honey-nut variety) simply have no decent competitor on the market. I'm loyal to that.

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