Scott Hardie | November 14, 2006
Now that Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 are officially out, any thoughts on their changes?

Erik Bates | November 14, 2006
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | November 14, 2006
Mac user, Safari's my default.

Yeah, I know...

Scott Horowitz | November 14, 2006
IE is the devil!!!!!

Scott Hardie | November 16, 2006
You know, I never hear IE lovers calling Firefox the devil, and that's not because Firefox is flawless. :-)

The thing annoying me about IE7 so far is the new toolbar across the top, with quick-access icons for favorites, home page, RSS feeds, et cetera. It's nice to have them available in one place, but why can't I get rid of the toolbar if I don't want it, and why can't I combine it with the other bars? Forcing it to sit there whether I want it or not does not make it convenient. The sad part is that Microsoft promotes IE7 as taking up less space at the top of your screen: Sure, for most users the header is now reduced, but I tricked out my IE6 years ago to occupy very little space at the top, and with the toolbar in the way, IE7 now takes up more. It's a minor nuisance, but it adds to a growing list of minor nuisances about IE, and sooner or later that list is going to get longer than the one I have about Firefox and the scale is going to tip in the other direction.

Jackie Mason | December 12, 2006
[hidden by request]

John E Gunter | December 15, 2006
I have yet to find a browser that doesn't cause me some kind of pain as a developer! At work we're having massive trouble with Firefox not recognizing some standard javascript code (it was seeing developer comments in the code and then causing all of the js code to not function), and being picky about how it handles XSL code. What I'd like to know is, why can't the browser makers follow one standard so I don't have to pull my hair out trying to identify every browser that users want to use and write custom code for just that browser.

We haven't even moved forward with IE yet, still using version 6.

All browsers are the devil by the way as they all cause me some form of grief, but I still like IE 6, best.

Edit - Fixed my post so it wouldn't sound like I was trying to imitate Yoda. :-D

Tony Peters | December 15, 2006
I liked Firefox and spent a while switching between it and Opera. Then Opera gave away free serial numbers in celebration of their aniversary and I shifted to it full time. Opera is based on Netscape code and it usually doesn't have many problems with much except some Flash websites (like car building sites) so I keep IE around but mostly because I have no choice. Next years shift to a MACbook can't come soon enough at times

Jackie Mason | December 16, 2006
[hidden by request]

Tony Peters | December 21, 2006
WELL Opera did an update that made my life miserable...nothing that I used to use worked anymore. Including Yahoo mail which is my only Email. So I shifted to Firefox 2 So far I'm liking it though it's not as user friendly as Opera is/was it doesn't have the non compatibility issues that I had with Opera. IE is the Devil...

Scott Hardie | December 27, 2006
Hear hear, John. IE7 is closer to the standards and thus closer to Firefox, but we still have to support for IE6 for some time to come, which is harder because any given computer can only have one or the other. The browser giving us the most trouble lately is Safari which doesn't like to play nice with our Ajax or session cookies. As usual, ample testing is the only reasonable way around the problem.

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