Scott Hardie | December 14, 2002
Are you surprised? Orenthal James Simpson isn't getting along with strangers.

SIMPSON SAID people have gotten up in the middle of their meals and left when he’s been in the same restaurant.
“I’ve got to say it, ‘I’m glad I ruined your meal. If you feel I’m a murderer, and you feel that way about me, go, leave,”’ he told ESPN in an interview Thursday in Florida.

Seriously, people of Florida: Do you feel so strongly about O.J. Simpson that you can't finish your meal? Did you know Nicole Simpson or Ron Goldman personally? What kind of statement do you think you're making? "I refuse to sit peacefully and eat in the same public place as a man who was acquitted of all charges seven years ago," perhaps.

Anna Gregoline | December 14, 2002
I don't think I would leave, and if I did, I wouldn't expect I was making a statement, but I do think that eating a meal in the same room as someone I truly believe savagely killed two people would disturb me, no doubt.

Matthew Preston | December 15, 2002
I'd be more thrilled to be near a great NFL running back and Nordberg from "The Naked Gun" series than anything.

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