Scott Hardie | November 11, 2002
It was reported today in the news that actor Merlin Santana had been shot dead in Los Angeles. The article that I read reported that he was Stanley, "the faithful admirer of Rudy Huxtable on the hit series The Cosby Show." I just wanted to report this is not Deon Richmond, who played Bud (aka Kenny), so all the Bud fans out there in TC-land can breathe easy. Merlin Santana was the dyslexic ninth-grader that Theo counseled in that two-parter.

Matthew Preston | November 11, 2002
=inhale= =exhale=
=phew= That was a close one. His views on just how men and women act rival that of John Gray.

Scott Hardie | November 11, 2002
Plus he's got a great rapport with Captain Janeway.

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