Matthew Preston | March 25, 2002
Okay, don't get me wrong, Pearl Jam is my favorite band of all time. I used to have over 60 CD's of their albums and concerts (until my car was broken into and they were all stolen). I seek out everything about them and I become a concert junkie when they go on tour. Eddie just gave a speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on behalf of The Ramones....

The Speech was nearly 17 minutes long of uhhh's and ummm's and little anecdotes of Eddie's personal experiences with The Ramones.... sigh. And near the end, when he had droned on too long, he said "Fuck you!" to the audience and took a drink of red wine. Eddie is a great guy (and I like his new mohawk hairdo) but this just got rediculous. He is not a very good public speaker, bad at getting his point across, and nearly everything that he believes in or stands for, I don't. In the past, he has lead the band to fuck up on purpose so that they would never get too popular. Because of this, they have a hug following of devoted fans that are exactly like him, one of the worst things about going to the concerts. I like to see that he is actually getting out in public and giving up on avoiding the media to such a huge exstent, but does it have to be this?

You can read or see the unedited speech at VH1's site. (under the watch performances section). A few funny moments, but for the most part, just fodder for the fans that I hate.

Anna Gregoline | March 26, 2002
Pearl Jam broke my heart in the 10th grade, and I never got over it.

Matthew Preston | March 26, 2002
That would probably have been when they cancelled their Vitalogy tour. Stupid shit happens with them all the time.

Anna Gregoline | March 26, 2002
Actually, it was when Vitalogy came out - it wasn't what I was expecting, and I felt betrayed.

Matthew Preston | March 26, 2002
Okay, yeah, they changed their style with nearly every new album. It got weird to keep up with em.

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