Scott Hardie | May 8, 2019
With Game of Thrones wrapping up (at least until the spin-offs materialize), what do you still hope to see in its conclusion, and what has the series meant to you?

Matthew Preston | May 11, 2019
Honestly, I'm very much looking forward to watching the show through for the first time. I decided a few years ago I'd only start it after it was done. I witnessed countless miserable friends waiting (suffering?) in between seasons and didn't want to experience that withdrawal.

I certainly know many major spoilers, but I think it will still be an entertaining watch.

Scott Hardie | May 12, 2019
I did that with Lost and it was 100% worth it. A few spoilers were a small price to pay for not having to wait for what must have felt like forever for cliffhangers to be resolved.

I can't tell from the silence other than Matthew whether nobody here is watching Game of Thrones or nobody here wants to discuss it. Funeratic must be the only website on the entire Internet like that.

Kelly read the books, but neither of us have seen the TV series, and boy do we get grilled about why not every time a fan of the show discovers this. For Kelly it's an easy pass; she can't stomach violent shows, especially when they're bloody or tense or cruel. For me to watch alone, meh, I might get around to it. Nothing other than the show's reputation for excellence attracts me to it.

Erik Bates | May 13, 2019
I had a rocky start with Game of Thrones. Initially, I watched the first episode and wasn't all that impressed. But then, sometime during the second season, I got tired of people raving about it, so I gave it another shot, and pushed through the first few episodes ('fantasy' typically isn't my genre), and found that I really liked it!

I'm not as hard-core as some. I haven't read the books (again, fantasy is not my thing, even more so when reading).

I don't fault people for not watching it. I don't know if I have ever found a show that I just was astounded people hadn't watched. Now, if somehow you hadn't heard of it, then I'd have more questions about what kind of bubble you're living in, considering it's present cultural significance.

Now that it's coming to an end, I'm pleased. I like shows that have a definitive ending in mind. This final season has been good, but underwhelming as far as my expectations go. Too much 'plot armor' where it didn't exist in the past. I spent every season thinking that nobody was safe. This season threw that suspense out the window. At least so far. I know (hope) there's going to be more characters dying by the end of it all... I just thought there would have been more by now.

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