David Mitzman | July 27, 2005
I'd just like to reiterate the fact that I'm awesome, contrary to what Scott Ho might say.

Scott Horowitz | July 27, 2005
The fact that you have to start a thread to demonstrate your awesomeness ( or lack thereof) just goes to prove that fact that you are a moron!!!

David Mitzman | July 28, 2005
For the other OTHER record, you love the cock. But that's not important right now.

Scott Horowitz | July 28, 2005
Your level of idiocy never ceases to amaze me...

John E Gunter | July 28, 2005
You boys must be lonely! Or bored!


Scott Hardie | July 29, 2005
Or in violation of the rules! Just because TC has been quiet for a few days is no excuse to start slinging insults around. Take it out on each other in email, please. Consider yourselves un-suspended but warned.

David Mitzman | July 29, 2005
Oh come on Hardie. You know full well that this is just unintentional friend bashing. Neither of us are going to get upset at it. To quote the rules: "Two old friends teasing one another usually fits into the larger scope of a discussion and does not endanger it..."

I don't see how this endangered anyone or any conversation.

Scott Horowitz | July 29, 2005
We were suspended?? And anyone who has read a conversation between Mitzman and I know that we joke around with each other, and neither get offended.

David Mitzman | July 29, 2005
Yup we were. I don't know who reported me though. Guess someone who doesn't have a sense of humor. It's a flash from the not-so-distant past.

Scott Hardie | July 29, 2005
Scott: Yes, you were both suspended, Dave as of early morning and you as of afternoon. (You actually got two complaints, Scott, but the second one may have been a violation in itself; it didn't seem serious. I have edited the code to prevent someone from being reported after they've already been suspended.)

As I recall, James Chiappone started a separate discussion for authors to hurl insults at one another without disrupting real conversations, but that one wasn't tolerable either because it would have set a precedent for acceptable insults in this forum. There still isn't such a precedent to this day. Personally I have always found it repugnant when you two insult each other on here, but you both make enough of a valuable contribution that I begrudgingly put that clause into the rules just for your sake. Please don't abuse it with exchanges consisting entirely of putting each other down; I abhor reading that and, clearly, I'm not the only one.

Scott Horowitz | July 29, 2005
People complain about our stupidity????? Well, that's just .... stupid for a lack of better term. I say it FOR ALL TO SEE. ANY THING I SAY DEROGATORY TOWARDS ANOTHER PERSON IS A COMPLETE JOKE. Dave and my friendship is entirely based on a lack of respect for one another. I don't think we can have a conversation without one or the other calling each other "homo." The only derogatory comments I make about people to take serious are when I speak of our beloved "president" or Republicans in general.

Mike Eberhart | July 29, 2005
Don't start with the political bashing, because as you said, "Republicans in general", would be refering to me.

Scott Horowitz | July 29, 2005

sorry, Republican politicians.... better?

Mike Eberhart | July 29, 2005
Yes, that's better. I don't agree with all of them either.

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