Erik Bates | January 8, 2006
Does anybody ever feel compelled to "randomly" bring up old discussions in which current goos are mentioned, just to see if anyone gets the hint? Because I sure do.

Scott Horowitz | January 9, 2006
I want to know why my picture is gooed, and used as a TC header!! Damn you Hardie!!! Just kidding, don't care, just noticed it

Aaron Shurtleff | January 9, 2006
Erik, if your intention is to make someone look back at previous discussions, in the hopes that one of them will help make that person able to guess a goo, you're evil!

Although I am stuck... :P

Amy Austin | January 9, 2006
Actually, that was the thought I had when he said that, too... call me a cynic. ;-)

Scott Hardie | January 10, 2006
Scott: Look up the discussion and you'll see why. :-)

Erik Bates | January 10, 2006
I think I'm confused now. Are we all talking about the same thing?

Scott Horowitz | January 10, 2006
Yeah, I found it amusing, but I was like "WTF"

Kris Weberg | January 10, 2006
I'm still waiting for the SIlver Age and Golden Age Goo Games to team up against the evil Mirror Universe version of Tragic Comedy where everyone has a goatee.

Erik Bates | January 11, 2006
I found $5.

Erik Bates | January 12, 2006
To bring my little plan into light:

I wanted to bring up the old Gay Marriage discussion (link) in which I commented on the hotness of Katie Couric.

A statement I stand by to this day.

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