Matthew Preston | May 25, 2019
Scott, I hope your birthday weekend is an awesome one! Take care my friend.

Erik Bates | May 25, 2019
Happy Birthday, Scott!

As you reflect on the past year, what are some uplifting memories that stand out for you?

Steve West | May 25, 2019
May the next bartender you encounter say, "Can I see some ID? Bwahahaha, just kidding'. Happy birthday!

Scott Hardie | May 26, 2019
Thanks everybody! We happened to have a party last night just to catch up with old friends (the birthday timing was a coincidence) and it was just what I needed.

It's been a tough year, between taking care of Kelly and my mother, and work being unusually difficult. I haven't taken care of myself physically or emotionally and it's wearing me down. But sometimes I get affirmation and appreciation for all that I'm doing, which reminds me that what I'm doing is right and worthwhile. I hope that year 42 is better. :-)

Samir Mehta | May 26, 2019
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | June 9, 2019
Thanks. As I blogged about, it's been a tough year, and I don't want to get into all of that. So instead, I'll share some random useless celebrity trivia that I learned: Eddie Murphy was offered the lead role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the detective role later played by Bob Hoskins, and he turned it down. That would have been a very different movie!

Samir Mehta | June 9, 2019
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | June 9, 2019
One of the pleasures of Celebrity Goo Game is that when I discover weird celebrity trivia like that, I can often use it as inspiration for goos. I read somewhere that the high-pitched singer in the Diet Dr Pepper commercials was named Justin Guarini, and I thought, "Don't I know that name from somewhere?" Soon enough, I realized he was briefly a household name as a finalist on the first American Idol (and he starred in that terrible movie cash-in), and instantly I had an idea for a goo. Similarly, I just learned something that I didn't know about a popular long-time game show host, so I made the goo today and it should publish later this week.

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