Scott Hardie | February 21, 2005
Any love for Hunter S. Thompson on the occasion of his passing? (link) He's a man who did everything his own way, and it seems that included his death. It won't be the same world without him.

Erik Bates | February 21, 2005
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | February 21, 2005
Damn. Truly a unique character, Hunter S. Thompson.

He was the man for a while there in the late 60s and 70s. I still argue that Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 is the best book about America politics of the last half-century.

If you dig comics, I'd say that Warren Ellis's and Darick Robertson's Tramsmetropolitan is a fine tribute to Thompson.

Anna Gregoline | February 21, 2005
We were so bummed last night when we heard. Jesse immediately popped in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and we imbibed some substances in Hunter's honor. =)

Jackie Mason | February 23, 2005
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | February 23, 2005
Me too. That was one of the best cop shows ever, but my parents don't seem to think that Fred Dryer was a high-quality actor.
I was happy when it came back into syndication on Nick at Nite.

Jackie Mason | February 24, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2005
Whatever happened to our TV trivia discussion? Here's the new question: What sitcom was Fred Dryer almost cast in before "Hunter"? Julia Duffy would have been his co-star, but she didn't get her part, either.

Steve West | February 24, 2005
I've heard that he was considered for the role of Sam Malone on Cheers but don't know Julia Duffy's connection to the show - although I think I remember seeing her guest star as a friend of Diane's.

At the risk of showing my age, anyone else remember the Wacky Races? How many of the eleven contestants can you recall?

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2005
Yes, it was "Cheers." Duffy would have played Diane Chambers but went on to do "Newhart" instead.

Kris Weberg | February 25, 2005
Wacky Races? Uhmmm....Dick Dastardly and Muttley, of course; the Ant-Hill Mob from Perils of Penelope Pitstop....other than that, zilch.

Steve West | February 25, 2005
In keeping with the Scott rule of no research (bastard), I can't recall all eleven off the top of my head but I came close. And by the way, I'm not even 100% sure it was eleven. In no particular order there were
1. Dick Dastardly and Muttley, of course.
2. The Anthill Mob
3. Penelope Pitstop
4. That Peter Perfect type guy who was the male Penelope Pitstop
5. The hillbilly guy and his bear sidekick (Blubber Bear?)
6. The Addams family type car (can't remember their names)
7. The Army tank guys
8. The lumberjack duo
9. The Red Baron guy
10. The cavemen dudes
11. That Professor Frink inventor guy.

Eleven!...amazing. I remember each car had its own name as well but...

John E Gunter | February 26, 2005
Well, since you have brought it up and sort of named 11 of the characters, I figured I'd look it up on the internet.

By the way, I remember Dick Dastardly and Muttley, Penelope Pitstop and that was about all also.

But here are the characters from the show...

Dick Dastardly
Penelope Pitstop
the Slag Brothers
the Gruesome Twosome
Prof. Pat Pending
Sergeant Blast and Private Meekly
Ant Hill Mob
Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear
Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth the Beaver
the Belle of the Brickyard
and Peter Perfect

For some reason, the site that I go this list from didn't show Muttley as a star, but it does mention him in the text.



Kris Weberg | March 4, 2005
Points to anyone who can name what cartoons the preexisting Wacky Racers hailed from.

Anna Gregoline | March 4, 2005
Hunter S. Thompson's last word:



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