Scott Hardie | January 14, 2004
Two formerly active authors have recently told me they don't write much to TC any more because the site has gotten so serious. Some people don't like talking about heavy subjects like politics and religion; one author called herself intimidated by them. (And certainly no one likes being told they're incorrect and why; it's a positive growth experience that almost nobody wants to have.)

It's true that I want some serious discussions to take place; those are the ones that interest me personally. As the administrator, I won't feel like the site is worthwhile unless there's at least one serious discussion going on at any time. But there's infinite room here for other subjects: dumb stuff like Survivor and Harry Potter and Oscar predictions, and even more frivolous topics, such as some neat web site you found, or a joke you heard on the radio, or any other trivial little thing you want to share. Those kinds of discussions don't get many replies by their nature, but that doesn't mean that we don't like to read them. Please share whatever you want to share. Don't be shut out by those of us discussing constitutional amendments and societal bigotry. Be frivolous, and multiply.

Anna Gregoline | January 14, 2004
That's why I've been liking TC - serious subjects talked about with REAL PEOPLE, not some annoymous message board. Even if I don't know you, at least I can see your faces. =)

There's nothing to be intimidated about. I think we all have been remarkably respectful to each other, with few exceptions and I hope that continues.

I remember the old, young TC as a bratty child, where lots of fur flew. I don't want to return to that. But I'll do my best to post some fluffy things to click on. =)

Jackie Mason | January 14, 2004
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | January 15, 2004
Oh, it did, Jackie, and I'm glad you put it up. I want to see more like it.

Glad you're enjoying it more, Anna. You're right about respectful - open hostility towards other authors is about the only thing I won't tolerate on here. That and ***********.

Mike Eberhart | January 15, 2004
I do have to agree with Anna. Some other message boards that I read, that people use fake names, and no pictures, the content gets out of hand. They all just bash each other, and nothing ever gets said. It's almost a waste of time to read. However, this board is much better. With your picture appearing next to your post, it makes you have to write something worth reading. Otherwise, you'll just look like a total tool....

Anthony Lewis | January 15, 2004
Personally, just from playing the Goo game, and reading the profiles of the come away thinking that the people here are intelligent and diverse (much more than me, that's for sure). Once you realize that, and coupled with the fact that real names and pics are used here (ASSUMINGLY), you can have a spirited debate with someone else about a touchy subject. At the end of the day, that respect is still there.

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