Scott Hardie | March 7, 2021
I'm pleased to announce a Rock Block tournament for the spring: Is This the World We Created?

It's a copy of the Woodstock tournament from 2019, this time based on the massive Live Aid benefit concert in 1985 that raised money and attention for famine relief in Africa. In that spirit, I'll make a donation to Save the Children on behalf of each participating player, and you're invited to donate too. I'm glad to know that our little game can do a bit of good in the world.

This tournament has twice as many "tickets" to collect as Woodstock, so this won't be over quickly. As before, the further ahead you get, the smaller the chance that any given concert will give you a ticket that you still need. Whoever is the first to collect every ticket will get a big prize.

Seven people playing in the game right now was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Chris suggested a tournament a few months ago and I'm glad that it's finally happening.

Let's have some fun! Good luck! :-)

Matthew Preston | March 8, 2021
Awesome! Thanks for your generosity and kindness, Scott. I just made a donation as well. Looking forward to the tournament!

Chris Lemler | March 8, 2021
Scott I also made a donation

Scott Hardie | March 8, 2021
Awesome! :-D The word "appropriation" gets thrown around a lot these days, but it felt wrong to build a whole tournament around the Live Aid concept without donating something to the actual cause, which is still important all these years later. I'm glad that our little game is making a tiny difference in the world. Thanks, guys. :-)

Matthew Preston | April 26, 2021
I am really enjoying this tournament! I might have campaigned for this in the past, but I thought I'd throw it out there again.
I feel that the number of ranks of artists for each participant, should be the greater of:
- The predetermined prize (100/75/50/25); or
- the total number of victories accomplished within the tournament.

My logic is that several of us are already going to pass 25 victories, but a few of us will be limited to 4th place or lower. If these were normal/automatic concerts, we'd each get 1 rank for a victory. It will sting for those participants that tried, had more than 25 victories, but their prize was diluted.

I do understand the motivation that it sets for trying harder to get a higher placing in the tournament, but let's face it, I'm not going to beat Steve :-P

Again, I'm really enjoying this and I have no plans to stop playing. Just interested in others thoughts.

Erik Bates | April 26, 2021
Would it be worthwhile to still get points for victories, plus a 100/75/40/25 bonus if you rank?

Matthew Preston | April 26, 2021
Erik - I'd be fine with that. Do you mean then that anyone below 4th place doesn't get any ranks (just their played victories)?

Erik Bates | April 26, 2021
I forgot that everyone gets a minimum of 25 points just for playing. So maybe my idea doesn't work.

So yeah, maybe your idea is the better. You get the greater of your "reward" points or the normal victory points for winning a concert.

Scott Hardie | April 27, 2021
For what it's worth, I don't think of the prize as being diluted. I see it as, you weren't going to play these concerts anyway except for the tournament happening, so there's no set prize for playing them to which you are entitled, except what the tournament confers. But I could definitely get behind raising the prize level given the number of concerts involved. Let me think about this and get back to you.

Erik Bates | April 27, 2021
That argument also makes sense.

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