Matthew Preston | December 27, 2002
I spent a good five hours tonight playing the Risk board game version of Lord of the Rings. Anyone who is a Risk fan should give this a try. It incorporates all of the classic rules with added fun and bonuses. WIth good and evil armies (Elven Archers, Human Horseback Riders and Falcons vs. Orcs, Wraiths and Cavetrolls) Other extras include:
- Leader pieces in battle that raise rolls on both offense and defense.
- Stronghold territories, such as Helm's Deep that raise defense rolls.
- For a shorter version of the game, it ends when the ring bearer passes through the marsh with the one ring. (There is a little metal ring that moves at the end of each turn, with cards and dice rolls to slow it down).
- Extra action cards that add/subtract armies depending.

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