Scott Horowitz | July 23, 2008
I was looking at spelling for a goo, which I seemed to have gotten wrong, and my copy/paste didn't work well, and it allowed me to enter a blank guess... i didn't confirm, but you may want to add a validation on it.

Scott Hardie | July 23, 2008
No problem. Blank guesses come in once in a while, and I delete them without marking them wrong, allowing the player to reguess. I have added a check to prevent submitting a blank guess. There's already supposed to be javascript in the form that prevents players from pasting text into it (that's the #1 cause of guessing errors), but it doesn't work consistently. Thanks for the suggestion.

Scott Hardie | July 23, 2008
Lots of people are getting today's goo wrong, it seems. I wish I could say I designed it that way on purpose.

Tony Peters | July 23, 2008
huh I even found the source photo pretty fast, Yesterdays goo is messing with me though

Steve Dunn | July 23, 2008
I haven't been able to copy and paste into the guess form for a long time.

Amy Austin | July 23, 2008
I still do... even though I do seem to remember this now -- because I have the confimation anymore (though I did manage to screw that up once).

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