Scott Hardie | February 26, 2003
I love Florida, but I tire of trying to defend it so often. And earlier tonight a friend reminded me of Wisconsin and how frequently we make fun of it. There are plenty of other states that are most often referenced as the butt of jokes, from New Jersey to North Dakota. So which state do you think is the most embarrassing to this country's sense of pride?

Jackie Mason | February 26, 2003
[hidden by request]

Aaron Fischer | February 27, 2003
I think Wayne's World picked the best one.... " we're in Delaware"

Scott Hardie | February 28, 2003
I remember Delaware being so embarrassed that "Fight Club" took place there that they refused to assist the producers in making the movie. Their state website advertises 'End-to-end excitement, and just over 2 hours end to end.' I guess that means that "Fight Club," at 2 hours 19 minutes, contains more excitement than the entire state of Delaware.

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