Scott Hardie | June 3, 2002
Well, we saw the inside of the house today. The landlady was very friendly and showed us around, pointing out things that we wouldn't have seen, and then let us roam free. Honestly, the inside was even better than it looked through the windows. The place feels brand new. There are a couple of snags: First, no garage door opener (not even a handle on the outside of the door!), so we'll have to pay to get one installed; second, no dogs allowed, so I get a cat and Kelly gets a cat; and three, we have to wait 48 hours to see if we get the place. That's because she wants to run a credit check. I told her straight up, I don't have any credit, but I have enough money to pay for the entire year's rent up-front if that would settle the matter. It didn't help. I'm not particularly worried about the credit check, more that people who look like better tenants than us will apply in the next two days. Blah. I don't like waiting and worrying. I really want this place.

PS. In the title of the entry, I alluded to bad credit, which is Kelly's side of the problem. But on the application, I put myself as the primary occupant and Kelly as the secondary occupant, so if my money's good, we should be okay.

Matthew Preston | June 3, 2002
Having a large bank account should make a difference, it always did for me in the past. I hope that everything goes well for you two... it really sounds like a nice place to visit! :-)

Jackie Mason | June 5, 2002
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | June 5, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | June 5, 2002
Nah, they won't fit in the toilet. We're gonna need a kiddie pool. (Kitty pool?) :-)

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