Matthew Preston | July 4, 2002
You collect quarters?

Scott Hardie | July 4, 2002
I used to collect them, for laundromat use, until very recently. Every time I got change, I had to put the quarters in one pocket and the other coins in another pocket. It's good to be free of little tyrannies like that.

Anna Gregoline | July 4, 2002
What other tyrannies?

Matthew Preston | July 4, 2002
I would consider that more of a hording practice than collecting. I thought you meant putting them into booklets and seperating them by which mint they were made from, etc.

Scott Hardie | July 5, 2002
Anna - Sorting dollars in my wallet. Keeping every receipt in my wallet until I make a note of it (I still do that). Keeping two pens in my pocket at all times, on one side of my wallet. Keeping my back pockets perfectly flat despite their natural tendency to crumple up. Keeping my wallet and checkbook vertical at all times, never horizontal. And these are just the pocket-related ones. It's nothing compared to what you used to do, I know, but I'm a natural organizer; I have to sort stuff all the time. Fortunately my laziness won out.

Matt - Fuck no.

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