Scott Hardie | October 1, 2003
Most players don't know this, but last summer I had to give up using Kai's Power Goo to create celebrity goos. I had bought a new computer running WinXP, and the 5-year-old software simply wasn't compatible. For a couple of months, I persevered with a diskette, transferring the files back and forth, but then the monitor broke on the old computer and even that option was gone. Fortunately I had a large reserve of old goos, but after a year it dwindled, and lately I've been making most goos with QGoo. That applet is good enough that most players probably don't notice a difference, but to me, most of the Round XX goos look alike, which increased the feeling that the game was stagnating this past summer.

Max Romantschuk to the rescue! He had trouble running Kai's Power Goo on WinNT, and discovered that a particular graphics dll was responsible. He offers a replacement on his site, and I'm happy to report that it works well in WinXP. The next batch of goos, probably showing up in only a few weeks, will be as varied as I can make them. I'm going to make Kai proud. Thanks Max!

Aaron Fischer | October 7, 2003
Scott... The site looks great! Good job on the redeux! I'm interested in seeing how much butt I can kick this round.... also who was the closest to winning the dead-pool before it went offline?

Scott Hardie | October 8, 2003
Thanks Aaron! Good luck this round.

Dee Roup won the DPG on July 7th, 2003... only 3 years, 4 months, and 23 days after I started the game. (And people wonder why I didn't start Round Two.)

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