Scott Hardie | April 17, 2016
It's one thing for Axl Rose to attempt another Guns N' Roses tour this summer. That's improbable to happen as planned, because Rose is a notorious prima donna who goes on stage hours late (or not at all) because something's wrong with his dressing room, and who quits shows five minutes in because someone in the audience gave him the finger. GNR audiences have rioted when shows have been canceled at the last minute because of Rose, but if he wants to try again, it's his band and his call. They're coming to Orlando this summer, and as a longtime GNR fan I'm tempted to go, but I don't really need a beer bottle smashed over my head because Rose canceled again.

What I find very hard to believe is that AC/DC has hired Rose as their lead singer for a separate summer tour. I get the business side of the decision: They have an obligation to play these contracted shows, and hiring Rose brings them free press and more ticket sales. But the man is radioactive. He's unstable enough when things are going well, but with the added pressure of having his own separate tour this summer (imagine the strain on his aging vocal cords), and not having complete control over every aspect of AC/DC's shows, I can't see them getting more than a few dates into the tour before the relationship completely falls apart and Rose is kicked to the curb.

And Rose, agreeing to sing someone else's songs? Agreeing to be in someone else's band where they have control over the setlist, the arrangements, and the stage? I cannot believe it. This man is a megalomaniac who must have absolute control over his art at all times. He refused to go on stage with his own band until they signed contracts giving him full ownership of the band's name and likeness. He fired bandmates on a whim and then fired other bandmates who stuck up for them. He refused induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame because he would have to share a stage with former bandmates. He spent 17 years and $13 million perfecting a single album until he was satisfied with it. I cannot in a thousand years imagine this man ever agreeing to be part of someone else's band, even for only a few months. It simply does not compute.

The Internet has reacted predictably.

What do you think are the odds of the GNR tour and the AC/DC tour both finishing as planned?

Justin Woods | April 18, 2016
I am with you Scott. I am worried about our tickets for GNR in the 4th of August. Fingers crossed.

Erik Bates | April 18, 2016
[hidden by request]

Samir Mehta | April 19, 2016
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | April 19, 2016
The whole tour will be interesting to watch in the news, whether they pull it off, or it turns into a train wreck, or somewhere in between. Justin, if you make it to show, let us know how it went!

Samir Mehta | April 20, 2016
[hidden by request]

Justin Woods | April 20, 2016
Will do Scott. Samir we have moved a year ago down to Texas, so we will be seeing them at "Jerry world" Cowboys stadium.

Erik Bates | April 20, 2016
[hidden by request]

Justin Woods | April 21, 2016
@Erik I took a job with Microsoft 10/2014 and we moved to Dallas 1/2015 well a city called Addison.

LaVonne Lemler | May 9, 2016
WOW, Justin, didn't know you and Joanna left the area! How's life down South? Just wondering, though, if you have leaped to the Dallas Stars side of the fence for the hockey playoffs! (Or maybe you're not on either side --- wasn't sure if you are a hockey fan). Hope you're new (?) job is going well, and you both are enjoying Texas!

Scott Hardie | July 25, 2016
These are the sort of shenanigans at a GNR concert that I wanted to avoid. Joanna and Justin, stay safe.

Samir Mehta | July 25, 2016
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | July 30, 2016
Yeah, some friends went last night to the Orlando show and raved about it. Axl was a total professional, Slash played like a mad sorcerer, they played hits and deep cuts and covers. I was wrong to stay away.

Justin Woods | August 4, 2016
Well we saw GNR last night in Arlington, TX and was as described here and on other forms an amazing show. I will say that I will not go to another show at AT&T stadium aka "Jerry World". This was not designed for a concert venue and the acoustics were a little off. I was impressed by both Axl and Slash, they seemed not to have lost a step!

Samir Mehta | August 4, 2016
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 6, 2016
If they mount another tour, I will reconsider. I would never have expected that kind of responsibility and maturity from this band. :-P

Matthew Preston | November 8, 2017
Had a chance to see them in Milwaukee last night and I don't regret it! They played 32 songs ringing in at over 3 hours long. It would seem that Axl is over himself finally. And with good cause if any of the revenue numbers on the tour wiki page are correct. Pushing $500 million in revenue has got to result in a decent payday for the band, even if their costs are still high.

All that aside, they still got it. They kept up the tempo and Slash was incendiary on guitar.

Scott Hardie | November 11, 2017
Super jelly, as the kids say.

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