Scott Hardie | August 28, 2020
All Rock Block players are welcome to join us on Sunday, September 6 for a live tournament to celebrate the game's sixth anniversary. We'll play live via Google Meet.

The tournament is inspired by Bill Haley's classic hit "Rock Around the Clock." (Thanks to Kelly for the idea!) Players will start at 1 on a clock face, and win concerts to advance until one of them reaches 12 to become the champion.

I suggest meeting at noon ET to play, but if this is too early for anyone, please say so and we can adjust.

Who's interested?

Steve West | August 28, 2020
I'll be there.

Erik Bates | August 28, 2020
I’m in!

Scott Hardie | September 5, 2020
Here's just a reminder that we are on for noon tomorrow.

Steve West | September 5, 2020
Yeah, brother.

Scott Hardie | September 5, 2020
The tournament page is live. It looks more like "rock around the diamond" because I don't want to invest more time in fine-tuning the HTML and CSS to draw a proper clock face than the time it will take to play this tomorrow. This should be fun; I'm looking forward to this. :-)

Matthew Preston | September 5, 2020
Wish I could join. I’m up in the northern woods of Wisconsin until Monday. Enjoy all!

Scott Hardie | September 6, 2020
That was a lot of fun! Thanks for joining, guys!

Tournament recap: We realized by the end of the first round that we were going to have to shorten this, so we altered the rules to say that each victory propels you two hours ahead on the clock instead of one, and the first person to reach 11 o'clock would win. Chris had to drop out after the first two rounds to get ready for work. Erik played well but ultimately wound up in an impossible situation, as Steve and I had both advanced to 9 o'clock while he remained behind at 7 o'clock, and the concert rules guaranteed that either Steve or I would win. I thought Steve had a lock on the final victory, but to my surprise, I beat him and won (and Erik pulled ahead in that last round to catch up with Steve). That was fun!

I'll issue the prizes shortly. Chris and Erik both unlocked new play rules, but Erik's win exposed a bug that prevented the rule from actually being granted, and I'll have that fixed shortly.

Erik Bates | September 6, 2020
[hidden by request]

Steve West | September 6, 2020
Always fun. Always. Congrats for the win!

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