Scott Hardie | October 7, 2018
Normally I give advance notice before starting tournaments, but we quite suddenly found ourselves with seven active players this weekend and I figured I had better seize the opportunity. :-)

Here's kicking off a new fall 2018 tournament just like the last one: Each time you win, you get to take out another player's target. The winner will be the last player left after everyone else's ten targets have been eliminated.

Good luck and happy shooting!

Chris Lemler | October 8, 2018
Scott I'm looking forward to this tourney.

Scott Hardie | October 8, 2018
Me too! I have zero chance of winning, but I expect to have a good time anyway. :-)

I don't know if anybody here is familiar with the "In 5 Seconds" videos, like "Titanic in 5 Seconds" or "Inception in 5 Seconds," but I think "Scarface in 5 Seconds" is pretty on point.

Chris Lemler | October 8, 2018
I agree

Aaron Shurtleff | October 16, 2018
I see there is a strategy to shooting. Picking the best target. Eliminate the strong opponents, leaving the weaker ones to be more easily dealt with? That's nice, I might actually do well!

Though I am tempted to just randomly pick who I shoot...

Good luck everyeno!

Scott Hardie | October 17, 2018
I shot at Erik and Steve first only because they're the two players who have won tournaments before. ¡Viva la revolución!

Steve West | October 17, 2018
L'etat c'est moi. Bring it.

Chris Lemler | October 17, 2018
Oui oui

Erik Bates | October 17, 2018

Scott Hardie | October 20, 2018
I have computer problems this weekend, so I probably won't be able to start tomorrow morning's round of "Shoot to Thrill" concerts on time. I'll start them asap afterward, and hopefully we'll be back to a normal schedule next weekend.

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