Scott Hardie | April 7, 2021
Steve, congrats on getting a solo solution on a tough goo. I have no regrets on making that goo so hard. :-)

Steve West | April 7, 2021
Thanks. Probably, like everyone, I started looking at tattoo and makeup artists. Then added milk, milk products and milk paint to the search string. Nothin'. It was the third part of the clue that clinched it. Momentum. I think it was "throwing in milk" that eventually led somewhere.

Mike Eberhart | April 7, 2021
Great job Steve. I was using all of those same search methods. I had an idea to start looking at Photographers last night, but just gave up. That's what I get... :) Congrats!

Samir Mehta | April 7, 2021
Amazing work! Tough goo!

Chris Lemler | April 7, 2021
Congrats Steve

LaVonne Lemler | April 9, 2021
Congrats on your solo, Steve --- awesome solve! Thanks for sharing your method!

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