Anna Gregoline | April 18, 2005
What are you completely and irrationally stubborn about?

Scott Hardie | April 18, 2005
I eat food that's bad for me and way too much of it, no matter how many thousands of reasons I have to stop.

Aaron Shurtleff | April 18, 2005
The sheer suck-itude of Boston...and other parts of Massachusetts to be named later. Cannot be convinced otherwise, though many have tried and failed.

Amy Austin | April 18, 2005
Maybe you were a persecuted witch there in a previous life. You were burned at the stake for your craft and have never gotten over it since. This is also why you like bugs so much.


Anna Gregoline | April 18, 2005
Aw, just don't say it much around me, we're going to move back to MA next year.

Kris Weberg | April 18, 2005
Just don't start using phrases like "wicked pissah" in your posts.

Anna Gregoline | April 18, 2005
oh geez. I already say "wicked" and it has indeed shown up in my writing.

Kris Weberg | May 16, 2005
Well, so long as "pissah" stays gone all will be well :)

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