Lori Lancaster | March 20, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Eric Wallhagen | March 20, 2008

Kelly Hardie | March 20, 2008
I think I would have punched him.

Tony Peters | March 20, 2008

Scott Horowitz | March 20, 2008
Seems like she already got her money shot!!!

Tony Peters | March 20, 2008
wrong on sooooo many levels

Jackie Mason | March 21, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | March 22, 2008
I think I would have punched him.

I'm pretty sure that a) I am certain, and that b) I'd have more than punched him... everyone on that plane would have known my extreme displeasure, to the point that I might also be arrested for assault and/or need a sedative.

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