Scott Hardie | June 4, 2003
Ever had a prolonged debate about Macs versus PCs? Can you name five characters from each Star Trek series? Then The Geek Test might be for you. Hell, you have to be a geek just to spend twenty minutes filling the damn thing out. I wound up a "Total Geek" with a 26.42998% score. How about you? (Thanks to Peter Sarrett)

Erik Bates | June 4, 2003
[hidden by request]

Jeff Flom | June 4, 2003
just about as much over 19 as Erik is over 20

Jackie Mason | June 4, 2003
[hidden by request]

Mike Eberhart | June 5, 2003
Well, I hate to say it, but I wound up with a total score of 36.48915%. But honestly, I'm not that bad.....:)

Wendy Hampson | June 5, 2003
I'm 12.62327% Geek. Wow, Mike...somehow I'm not surprised :) Just kiddin'.

Mike Eberhart | June 5, 2003
Wendy, why'd I expect to get some kind of comment from you? :) So I've done a lot of stuff, sorry.....Yes, some of it was geeky.....

Wendy Hampson | June 5, 2003
Hey Mike...since we're talking back and forth here...I was wondering if you had already taken Tessa to see "Finding Nemo"? I'm going to see it sometime on Sunday...probably in the afternoon after I get off work...but I'm going with my friend and her nephew, so I was hoping to take Tess if she wanted to see it. Write back to me and let me know.

Denise Sawicki | June 6, 2003
I'm more of a geek than Jeff with 22.68245%.

Lori Lancaster | June 6, 2003
[hidden by request]

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