Matthew Preston | April 15, 2002
So, before moving to Las Vegas, I had heard from some other locals that this city can once in a while have dust or sand storms. I thought that I had already experienced one a few weeks ago.... that was until I got up today! Holy ass!

Of course I waited to do all of my errands at the last minute and I had to go out today. I had heard the wind whipping, but nothing prepared me for what I saw when I got outside. It was like a dirty fog had covered the entire Vegas Valley! The winds were incredible (judging from riding roller coasters I would say that they were about 40 - 60 mph). Big sand clouds smacked me in my face as I walked out to my car. Papers and debris were everywhere. As I was driving my car it felt like my trunk was full of jumping puppies (without the hilarious sounds of course). Dizamn.... this is one act of nature that I have never witnessed, but am proud to say I lived through.

Jackie Mason | April 16, 2002
[hidden by request]

Matthew Preston | April 16, 2002
No tumbleweeds, but a cat, two homeless people, and the front end of child's scooter hit it.

Actually, I have seen tumbleweeds around here... and I have seen them moseying along. It is a surreal moment and sometimes I think that I might be in a cartoon.

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