Scott Hardie | July 15, 2021
Steve, here's wishing you the very best on your milestone birthday today!

I was hoping to put together a big ol' tribute to you today, but circumstances leave me impossibly short on time right now.

So instead, ten very quick true facts about Steve West:

1) You're a great friend. I appreciate your positivity and support.

2) You're a great father. Lauren and Olivia are so lucky to have you.

3) You're a great husband. It is clear how much Brenda adores you.

4) You're great at giving advice. I remember our conversations, online and in person.

5) You're great at Celebrity Goo Game. You took time off and still have some of the most wins and most solves ever.

6) You're great at Rock Block. This is an understatement on par with "Jimi Hendrix was good at guitar."

7) You're great at Three Clues. You have the most solves (115, next closest are 99 then 78) and consistently write good clues.

8) You're a great competitor. Determined to win yes, but kind and sportsmanlike and exemplary of our community values.

9) You're a great sport. We kid because we love.

10) You're a great person. I know few people with better morality, decency, compassion, and wisdom. I'm sure you don't consider yourself perfect, nobody is, but I know I'm not the only one who really looks up to you.

The fact that your blogging, fantasy sports winning, TV trivia recall, Funeratic trivia recall, and many other talents didn't make the top ten says a lot. :-)

Happy birthday!

Matthew Preston | July 15, 2021
Scott - Beautiful tribute to an amazing guy.

Steve - Happy birthday my friend! Here's to another decade of you whomping us all at Rock Block. I'm a better player because of you (but not as good) :-)

Steve West | July 15, 2021
Wow. I'm humbled, thank you. This site is consistently superior because of both the architect/mastermind and the competitive participants. Thanks to all for generating my enjoyment.

Chris Lemler | July 15, 2021
Happy Birthday to a funny guy who has a great sense of humor. I'm glad I finally got to meet you online through the zoom meetings. I have always thought of you as a friend just playing you in Rock Block and you keep kicking my rear. Now I can finally say that I'm happy to say I found a great friend in you. I have to agree with what Scott said. He couldn't of said it any better. Hope you enjoy it and have fun!

Erik Bates | July 15, 2021
[hidden by request]

Steve West | July 15, 2021
You guys are way too kind, sincere thanks.

LaVonne Lemler | September 19, 2021
Happy New Decade, Steve! Don't know how I missed your birthday discussion back on July 15th, but somehow I did...:-(
Guess it's not too late to send you best wishes for now and in the year ahead, and hope your birthday was grand in every way!

Steve West | September 19, 2021
Thanks to you, as well!

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