Scott Hardie | June 3, 2019
This summer will be the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival. I couldn't let the occasion pass without a celebration in Rock Block. :-)

The summer 2019 tournament gives players a chance to relive the classic festival. Each concert will reward the winner with a ticket to see one of the 33 classic performances (technically, 32 plus the opening speech). The first player who sees all 33 performances will win the tournament immediately. And when I say "see a performance," I mean that you can watch videos right on the tournament page, to experience moments from the actual festival for yourself. Watching the videos isn't necessary to win; it's just a bonus.

You'll play everybody else in the game simultaneously, using random artists and rules. Every hour on the hour, the website will spawn a new concert, choosing a random pair of players who aren't currently playing each other, as long as there is such a pair available. (It will take a few hours tonight to spawn the first batch.) Each concert will have the Overtime play rule, so someone has to win it sooner or later. The ticket to be claimed by the winner is randomly selected, with the player who is further behind in their collection having slightly better odds of getting a ticket that she/he still needs.

In addition to the usual prizes -- an Amazon gift card to the winner, new artists to everyone -- I'm offering something different this time: Participating players (up to the first 20) will get a copy of Aquarius, one of my favorite small card games. It's simple, it's fun for all ages, and it's totally appropriate for a hippie theme. (The rules even say that the player with the longest hair goes first.) I hope that you find this colorful little card game as endearing and fun to play as I do.

It's hard to predict how long this tournament will take to play, but I have a good feeling that it will still be underway when the actual Woodstock anniversary comes around on August 15-18. I thought about hosting a one-day tournament on that Saturday, but I like this format better. The festival ran well over schedule, and I think this tournament should feel epic too.

I had a blast planning this and putting it together. I hope it's as much fun to play. Let's do this, hippies! :-)

Scott Hardie | June 3, 2019
To be clear: The first concert should spawn at 9pm ET. Another should appear every hour thereafter until we're all playing each other. If someone new joins the game, it will take a few hours to spawn all of the concerts for that new player.

Erik Bates | June 3, 2019
Ah, Tournament Season... I do love it!

Groovy, man.

Steve West | June 5, 2019
I don't know how you manage to accomplish so much but I am equally lovin' it.

Scott Hardie | June 5, 2019
I stole some time just for myself to do this. I needed a fun project. :-)

Scott Hardie | June 14, 2019
If anybody did not receive their copy of Aquarius, please let me know. At least one had trouble being delivered. Thanks.

Chris Lemler | June 14, 2019
Scott it doesn 't look like I received it

Steve West | June 14, 2019
Me neither.

Scott Hardie | June 14, 2019
Replacements are in the mail, courtesy of Amazon. Chris, yours was apparently delivered, but since it was never received, then I'd bet on package thieves. Steve, Amazon says your house doesn't exist, but they're going to try again. :-)

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