Apparently I need to be more careful. I won't tell you how Angelic Layer is going then, but it's close to an amazing conclusion!

That was a reference to another anime series, but I'll let you figure figure it out. It's not really that difficult to figure out. :)

I googled myself yesterday, and Google links to my blog now. So, to all of my old friends, acquaintences, and people who google random names and read their blogs "Hi!" To all my old enemies, ex-s (and especially you, and you know who you are!), and other undesirables "C-ya!"

I didn't get my results back from Dr. Coo-Coo. Apparently, it takes longer than I hoped to get them back. When I get them, I'll update both of the interested parties, and everyone else can be stuck reading about it.

Well, I have to go home now. Lego Star Wars 2 waits for no man! :D

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Lori Lancaster | January 5, 2007
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Yay, a blog!

I've never had a blog (as the people here who know what an absolute technophobe I am will tell you is not surprising), so I guess this is my first step into the wonderful world of blogging. I had food poisoning last night, so my stomach is ready to bust again. Don't eat week old meatloaf is the lesson of the day. Go »

2-VII-2008 or Quick Hits

1) At the bottom of my Dashboard, it says: You are not currently playing a concert with Amy Austin. Yea. And I ain't gonna! Go »

4-XI-2008 or Historic Vote

Well, I just voted. I have to say this is the first time that I have been totally regretful as I walked out of the polling center. Even now, I have a pain in my stomach, and I'm wondering to myself, "Did I do the right thing?" Go »


Gotta clean the dust out of here... Also gotta hope no one sees me doing something that is not RB concerts... Yay! Go »

14-VII-2009 or Oh. Didn't I Mention That??

Ha! I just saw the funniest thing, but I shouldn't make mention of it, since it involves images of me online on Youtube cursing and being a total dick. It's real funny, but of course, if I speak of it, or name the event, then everyone will see me being a weirdo, and they might think that's really how I roll. Go »

20-I-2009 or Aaron misses the point?

Hmm... I thought the historic part had already gone past, but apparently, this is an historic day. I didn't know that swearing in was historic. Go »