This is dedicated to the one that got away...

Hey! Happy Birthday! I guess you'd be, what, 32 today? Hope things are going well for you.

So, what's new? I haven't heard from you in, gosh, over 10 years now! Time sure does fly...

Well, this is new, the whole blogging thing. Usually, I just write you letters, keep them for a couple days, re-reading them, and then toss them in the trash. I think this will be different, though, and not just because it's a semi-permanent letter. I think it's my last letter. I don't even know why I write them. I guess it just became a habit.

Are you even out there? I know that M (our mutual friend) said that you aren't, but I've never tracked down the obituary, and M was in a bad place at the time. He might not have known what he was saying, or maybe imagined it. Maybe he made it up for my benefit, so I'd finally get past you. How embarrassing would that be? If I've thought about your untimely death for all these years, and you're living life in Massachusetts with nary an inkling of any of it! Ah, well, I'll never know, and in some ways, it's better not to. I've managed to move on, and having you back in my life would be awkward at best.

I apologize (again) for what happened that weekend. I was young, immature, and not prepared for what happened. I guess I always did tend to get the wrong impression. I hope that my actions have never reflected upon you in any way. None of it was your fault.

I never have lost my appreciation for soccer, though! :)

Well, guess I should get going. The world keeps moving, and I need to try to keep up. If you're alive and well, I hope it continues. If you're dead and gone, then I am can state with confidence that you have made a positive impact on some of us, and that's no small feat. Not many people can say that!

Shine on, you crazy diamond!



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