I was at Target today working, and they were giving me crap. My co-worker thinks one of the other employees was hitting on me (she totally wasn't), and she's been telling people about how funny she thinks it is. Well, anyway, my immediate superior comes up to me, and he's patting me on the back, and he's razzing me, and he says, "C'mon, playa! What's up? I didn't know you had such game." And I respond, (in my most faux-cocky badazz ebonics...which is extremely bad) "Sheeeeeeeeeeeet! I got so much game, they be callin' me Milton Bradley!" Such peals of laughter have never been heard at Target before, and possibly never again! :)

I think I made the situation worse, but I had one of my rare funny moments, and I had to do it!!

I have to get up early! Gotta go. OH! Song of the day...two songs today, because it's a holiday.

1) Black No. 1 by Type O Negative. Such fake goth vampiric metal goodness is most appropriate for Halloween. Plus, I am still scarred from being forced to see the Playgirl pictorial of Peter Steele. :( And, having just now read the Wikipedia entry, good old Peter has converted to Christianity. OK, right there, either the world is soon to end, or Wikipedia is wrong. That's gotta be misinformation!

2) Stutter by Elastica. After having chose my birthday band to enter Rock Block, I found the cd in my collection. Oh my God, I forgot about these lovely ladies! (OK, the drummer's a dude, but he contributes nothing but drums and puke noises) If no one else takes them by next September, they're in! This is an awesome song. I love Elastica. I totally miss them. The Menace was such a bad album. If you want to hear good Elastica, stick with the self-titled first album. Oh! So nice!

Two Replies to 31-X-2007 or Quick funny

Scott Hardie | October 31, 2007
Agreed about Elastica's debut. Great stuff.

Jackie Mason | November 1, 2007
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