I wrestled with not saying this, but I've been transparent about everything thus far, so here's the latest medical drama.

I getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. That involves a lot of "cleansing" this evening, and a lot of I can't eat anything today and tomorrow. It sucks, but I'm hoping I'll be done with tests after this, one way or the other.

You should get your money back (or at least part of it) if you take a test, and it turns out that it shows nothing. If I could get some $$ back for the CT which showed nothing, I'd be good to go. I know it doesn't work that way (and if it did, hypochondriacs would sprout like mushrooms), but I hate paying money to a doctor to end up hearing, "Well, the test results showed nothing abnormal...let's do some more tests!". There should be a limit, after which, until you get a definitive diagnosis, the rest of the tests are free.

I wonder how much money it costs some of these people on House, M.D.? I mean, I know it's fiction, but they run test after test after test on that show!

OK, I'm done bitching!

Song of the day: "The Stroke" by Billy Squier.

[EDIT] I misspelled Squier accidentally. Oops. Also, I left off the why of that being the song of the day. I will continue to do so, since there's really no reason. Let's blame it on the 14.5 hours of continuous non-eating.

And, yes, I realize that 14 hours of fasting is nothing, and that there are small children in other countries (and even in this country) that don't eat for longer periods of time, blah blah blah. Yeah, I'm the typical selfish American whining about my minor inconveniences in the face of a world of far greater woes. But you know what? At least I'm upfront about the fact that I am like this. I've yet to hear Bono admit that U2 concerts have rapidly become 10% music and 90% "I hate George Bush, I hate America, other countries need your money more than you yourselves do".

And what is up with that anyways? Why is it considered so bad to try to get our own country in order before extending a helping hand to others? I make a comment like, "I think it would be nice if we had universal health care for all Americans(*) before we give money and/or drugs to other countries.", and you would think I advocated the death penalty for speeding! There's not a damn thing wrong with getting our shit in order first, but I have to deal with some sunglasses-wearing shitty singing asshole telling me that I need to help out some AIDS infested part of Africa with my money?! Eat my shit, Bono! Take a big heaping bite of my putrid fecal matter!

* Americans, as used above, consists solely of people who hold valid citizenship in this country. You want to come over and work, fine. But you better be commuting from your home country, and you better go see them when you're sick. If you want health care from the U.S., become a citizen. That's my opinion. Yeah, I know that migrant workers do a crapload of work for little pay, but here's a secret: If you become an American citizen, it becomes illegal to pay you less than the minimum wage! Don't bitch about your sorry salary, the power to change that is in your hands!!!!

I probably shouldn't post on my blog when I'm hungry... :)

Four Replies to 22-II-2007 or Speaking of crap...

Scott Hardie | February 23, 2007
The thing about domestic aid first, and I say this as an unhappy member of a certain tax bracket, is that there's no shortage of money to go around. We can continue to give foreign lands the money they genuinely need to combat the four horsemen whether or not we establish universal health care in this country. I'm still conditionally in favor of universal health care, of course.

That said, I'm unconditionally in favor of Aaron health care. You deserve a solution and soon, my friend. Get well, and put this colonoscopy business "behind" you.

Denise Sawicki | February 23, 2007
Well I've got a colposcopy next week so I guess I can sympathize... I mean at least the words sound similar... I am not sure which one is more impolite to mention in company though.

Amy Austin | February 23, 2007
I wonder how much money it costs some of these people on House, M.D.? I mean, I know it's fiction, but they run test after test after test on that show!

Seriously! I wonder the same sort of shit about TV... it's like they have all the money in the world for these things!!! Take any of the CSI shows for instance... any *real* CSI will tell you that they can't just go running DNA tests and all that stuff willy-nilly... that shit is expensive, and they don't want to do it unless they're pretty sure of what they're going to find -- especially if it means traveling across the country out of jurisdiction just to obtain biological evidence.

And I like Bono/U2 a lot -- always have (since the days of War)-- but have never had the "privilege" of attending any of their concerts... and that's because they just about cost an arm and a leg! So... it looks to me like they are hitting up the right folks when they try to shake down their concertgoers!!! "Why are you standing there watching us sing Beautiful Day, when you could be donating that arm and that leg to the starving torso of a refugee who needs amnesty for writing in his blog (he uses his teeth) that the King and his ministers are choadies?!!"

That said... I don't think there is a pleasant "-oscopy" of any kind -- but I am particularly sorry for you both, Aaron & Denise. I would not want to choose between the two, that's for sure. Good luck on both counts!

Scott Hardie | February 24, 2007
I wish the best outcome to you too, Denise.


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