I know! I've been lax! I was hoping to have at home internet access by now (which I don't yet), which would have helped out with the blogging (and the GOO game...*grumble*). Work has been out of control. Almost "off the hook" busy, if I can massacre an urban expression. Of course, being the last day before the Thanksgiving break, I have a bit of free time (don't tell my boss! ;) ), so here I am.

Did I mention that the best part of working for a major university is the vacation time? I have coming up (just to brag and make you all jealous!) a full week of paid vacation! Everyone who is not essential to the day-to-day upkeep of the university and its projects (which I am, thus far, not), and who is also a FTE (full time equivalent...which I am), gets the week from Christmas to New Years off. Paid. Aw, yeah! One month to go (essentially...I can count days)!

I need to lose weight. I hesitate to say that, because I am not severely overweight, and I don't want to be like those models that you can count the ribs on that say they are "fat" and "gross". However, I could stand to lose a few pounds. Not that I'll do anything about it. Just sayin'.

Did I mention I'm playing Civilization III? If not, that's good, because what I do can't be called playing.

My brother-in-law owns a computer gaming store, of the type that you walk into and play computer games. It's nice. When I go up there, he lets me play around on the games. He has a Wii, and has promised to let me play the new Zelda game. I'll give you all a full report when I return! Aaron talks about the Wii!

Well, the hype is that the PS3 is a flop. Of course, most of what I am hearing (not all, and I'm not saying all, so you all can settle down!) is based on multiplayer/online functionality, which is pretty low on my list of needs for the PS3. I need to sit down with one, and give it a little QT, then I'll know. Not that I'll do that anytime soon... :(

My PS2 has altogether refused to play PS1 games for a while now. It's been annoying, but nothing I can't live through, since I have an old PS1, and can pull that out when the need for FFVIII gets too great. [I love FFVIII. Absolutely. Best game ever.] However, it just started balking on one of my PS2 games. Is there something I can do to repair this? Does anyone know? If I have to go cold turkey on PlayStation, I may not survive! :( I should look that up online...

I'm still #2 in fantasy football, but #1 just lost Donovan McNabb for the season! I have a chance!

Is it wrong to be happy about the misfortune of a football player only for the purpose of helping out a fantasy team? I feel sort of dirty...

There are still fishing lures on my desk! I gotta do somethig about this!

I also need a new picture. Everyone else is doing it, why don't I? I don't have any pictures though. I need to get some taken, especially with the new haircut! That would be sweet.

Song of the Day for today is a cover song. This is not a knock on the original, but a certain affection for the re-make, which would be nowhere without the originator. I know that purists will be incensed, but... The song (would be nice if I got to the point, eh?) is "Sexual Healing" by Soul Asylum. Yes, I know that Marvin Gaye did it better, but please! If you can listen to Dave Pirner try to croon this song, and not at least crack a smile, you are dead inside! Dead!! INSIDE!!!!!! It can be found on the album "No Alternative"...actually, now that I look, it's been re-released on their newest album, too! What a small world! I was hoping Soul Asylum would keep going after their bassist (?) died. Glad to see that they did! I have to get that album now! :)

It has gotten kind of chilly in Florida lately. I don't know that I care for that! Makes my car all shivery and nervous, not to mention what it does to the driver!

I went to the Jimmy Buffett concert last week in Tampa. Was anyone else from here there? I am pretty sure that most of the country was there, based on the size of the crowd! I've been getting some flack about that. Apparently, it's not cool to be a Parrothead anymore. Oh, well. Didn't stop me from getting a few cold Coronas in my belly and singing and dancing to the classic hits of JB!

Dr. Coo-Coo (I really want to say Kupo, which means I need to stop playing Final Fantasy for a while) and I are still seeing each other. I think we are moving forward in our relationship. I can't think of a single thing to say that doesn't sound homoerotic. I need a lady shrink! ;)

I need to get an iPod! I decided this when I saw the topic on Tragic Comedy about the soundtrack of one's life. I want to do that, but I only have CDs and cassettes, so I really cannot. :( I bet mine would come out awesome! I have lots of crazy crap! I'm sure "One Night in Bangkok" would make my list somewhere! ;) Plus, it would be nice to consolidate all my music in one place. I have a few CDs missing, and it's driving me crazy!! If anyone has seen my copy of "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" soundtrack, please let me know!

How many people want to kick some ass?
I do! I do!

Speaking of which, FX recently showed "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". Don't. This movie is very vulgar, and that's really part (most) of the charm of the movie. Don't watch this movie edited. It's not as good.

Well, I should oughta go poke some caterpillars. It's a rough life in entomology! :P

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Jackie Mason | November 23, 2006
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | December 2, 2006
Aaron, you don't know how it warms my heart to hear someone else call FF8 the best game ever. I think so too. It always disappoints me when someone complains that they couldn't get into it because "the GFs destroy everything for you." Whoever says that was playing it all wrong.


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