1) It was awesome. I told you all you should have come. And you should have. ;) Obviously, we did have our last minute cancellation ( :( ), but everyone else is on notice to attend the next one.

2) I am kind of the last person to put in the 2 cents, so please read the other posts on the subject, and I will certainly try to not repeat what other people have said. I probably (undoubtedly) will, but I will try.

First of all, as was stated earlier, I did not read my post out aloud for the Blogs Over Barbecue, because we did not have time, and plus I had to leave a bit early. And also, I don't think Scott knew that is what the post was, or he would have made me read it out aloud sooner. C'est la vie!

Anyhow, yes, I left early. It was because my wife called and was very sick and needed me to come home and take care of some things, especially her. I don't feel too comfortable discussing the exact nature of the illness (it's not for me to talk about, in my opinion), but, in case someone was thinking this, she was legitamately ill. This was not, in any way, her attempt to get me to come home because she was mad I missed her birthday, or me trying to get get out of being there, or any kind of bullshit like that. I don't think anyone actually thought that (I hope they didn't), but just in case, truly sick. She is doing fine now, and everything is cool (except for me losing the awesome trophy for the Live GOO Game... ;P).

I joke, of course. Steve deserved the win. He would have beat me thoroughly and truly, but the end of the first day of the GOO Game (it was in four sections, two per day), he bet everything, forgetting that the totals added up over the four times. So, if he had bet as smartly as I know he would have, he definately would have been with or past me in the totals after the third match. I concede to his brilliance (and he truly is a suppository of knowledge...and I mean that! Not a slip of the tongue at all!) Love ya, Steve!!

I have a few good ones for Overheard at GOO Con, but honestly, I think I forgot most of the best. Everyone can put their favorites in, and please help me out here:

"I got a lot more meat coming!" -- Scott. Obviously, this was during the barbecuing, and such laughter was had. Whether or not this was particularly derogatory towards Scott... I think it was rather complementary, myself. Scott got me back with this one, though...

Aaron -- "Warning: Choking Hazard. Small parts."
Scott -- "That's what she said."

I was reading the back of the ribbon I had won, out aloud. Scott zinged me good. This was totally not complementary, though!!! >:(

"Ooh! A piece of candy!" -- Matthew. I swear to you now: Every reference I made, Matthew got it. He must watch as much TV as I do, and then some. It was awesome. We had some candy that we were snacking on, and Matthew kept saying this, which cracked me up constantly. Steve was not exaggerating when he said Matthew is hilarious!

"Misfits of Science!!" -- Matthew. I don't know why I brought up Misfits of Science (for you young-uns, it was a very very brief television series), but I think it blew Matthew's mind. He kept saying that all the time, at random. I think it's the only reason he didn't do better at GOO game, because he was distracted by Misfits of Science. Yay, me!

"Denise Sawicki!" -- Everyone. During the GOO.tc history trivia quiz, the answer on two occasions was Denise Sawicki, so all through the weekend, even during the GOO game quiz, people would just guess Denise, just in case Scott went for three. I don't think he did.

"Your Mom!" -- Kelly. It seemed like this was her favorite answer, both during the GOO.tc history quiz, and during the GOO game. Never wasn't funny!

I know you're waiting for it...
"I just got a mouthful of Mitchell Cumstein!" -- Aaron. While we were eating the cake (which was absolutely yummy), Scott started getting silly, and he would take a bite and say, "Ooh! That was Dave Stoppenhagen" or some other user, like the cake actually was GOO.tc. I, of course, with my addiction to Mitchell Cumstein, Biff Meister, and Jennifer Youngedyke (which were my answers on many occasions), happened to pop in with the worst name possible at the time. Hmm. I blame being distracted by needing to get back to the sick wife.

I also recall while Matthew and I were playing Rock Band being asked, "Hey! You guys got room for two more?", but I don't remember who said it... possibly Scott. I don't remember any of Steve's funny remarks right now...other than the Lobster Pot comment... I'll keep thinking.

I have to go to work. :( I will continue this later...

Four Replies to 28-X-2008 or Post Con Report

Scott Hardie | October 28, 2008
Sorry, Aaron. I never knew "that's what she said" could be complimentary or derogatory depending on who said it. I always just thought it was a funny exclamation. I'm clueless about these things.

Your Ozzy car has arrived. I'm waiting for one more prize to arrive so I only have to go to the post office once. I paid extra for shipping to have these on time, but apparently the sellers still shipped them at the slowest possible rate, so I've asked for a shipping refund.

Lori Lancaster | October 28, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | October 29, 2008
Um, Scott... I don't think it's so much about *who* uses the phrase (pretty sure "that's what she said" is always derogatory, no matter who says it...) -- but when you compare the situations, well... what it really comes down to is comparing... and I'm more than pretty sure that "more meat coming" is preferable to "choke hazard -- small parts" from a man's point of view.

Also, now that I think about it... "that's what she said" *could* possibly be complimentary -- but it definitely depends on *what* was said the moment before... not who said it. ;-) (For example: "I got more meat coming" followed by "that's what she said" -- not so much derogatory... unless you're the "she" in question. And then it's debatable. ;-D)

Oh, and speaking of postage... I got yours, Scott -- thank you. Took me until... just now, actually... to realize that the stamps were a penny under the current rate, though. I couldn't figure out why the hell you'd put two on!!! (And I told you to compensate for the PayPal amount... ;-p Thank you.)

Aaron Shurtleff | October 29, 2008
Yeah, what Amy said! Small parts! It's the what was said, not that you said it. It was still funny, and a good zing!

Update coming soon. And metrosexual hair products...


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