I had to do it! When you find it, you'll know. :) Me, a narcissist? Possibly!

Today is a good day to work, but I am tired. I wanted to watch IFC at midnight, because they supposedly showcase Asian cinema, but I can't stay up that late and go to work the next morning. :( I should get my VCR going and record some stuff. But, I can get a lot of stuff on the Video On Demand, so... I'm too lazy to hook it up.

New Def Leppard album next week. Songs From the Sparkle Lounge. Go buy it!! All new songs! Not a bunch of covers like the last album! Support good music!

Speaking of which, I'm going to see Ministry on Wednesday, and Death Angel next month. Good times. Good times. ;)

Song of the day: "Room With a View" by Death Angel. Someone asked me once what my theme song would be, if I had a theme song. This is it. There's a video on YouTube, if anyone's interested.

Well, that's it. Talk to you alls later.


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19/20-II-2009 or Guilty Pleasures

Man, I feel like I never really post anything anymore. :( Fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, the wife is out of town (as usual), so I'm going to try to post something. Not that I really have anything to say.. Go »

24/25-X-2007 or That's What I Get...

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25-VIII-2006 or All good things...

Last night was the last night of the regular kickball season. The playoff tournament is going to take place while I am in Denmark, so I am done. I will miss kickball. Go »

4-VIII-2006 or Dogs and Ponies and VP's, Oh, $h!t!

Heh. Today, the new VP of Agricultural Research or whatever is touring our facility, so ain't squat gonna get done. I had to spend most of the day yesterday cleaning up and making the lab basically look like no one does anything. Go »

5-XI-2008 or Mentiroso!

Yeah, my espanol is muy malo. I feel like I should just come out and admit that I was probably lying yesterday. I have a habit (preference, actually) for claiming I voted for whoever wins the election, not matter whether it is true or not. Go »

Yay, a blog!

I've never had a blog (as the people here who know what an absolute technophobe I am will tell you is not surprising), so I guess this is my first step into the wonderful world of blogging. I had food poisoning last night, so my stomach is ready to bust again. Don't eat week old meatloaf is the lesson of the day. Go »