I really really really hate birthdays! Just a reminder that you've been around another year, and that your time is shorter by 365 days (or so). :( I'm cranky like that.

I was hoping to have something miraculous to say today, but I really don't. Work has been trying...trying to get on my nerves! ;) I'm really busy, and my boss keeps coming up with new things for me to do. My co-worker tells me he's got another project that I am "volunteered" for, that he wasn't said anything to me about. Not like I didn't already ask if this project was going to require anything from me, and was told no. I love collaborating with other faculty members...although, it's not realyl collaborating, since I end up doing most of the work... :(

Song of the day: You know...I've had this one song stuck in my head all day...but I don't know what it is...and I can't find it from looking around on line. New song... Faster Pussycat - "Nonstop to Nowhere"

I'm on the lame train
I got a first class ticket on the nonstop to nowhere
Where it takes me I don't know
I guess the tracks you make are your own
It's like a chain gang going I know the exit
But my problems seem to follow me
Wherever I go
Nonstop to nowhere

That's 80's hair bands at their worst! ;)

Alternate song of the day: Skid Row - "Get the F%^k Out" heh. ;)

Two Replies to 6-IX-2007 or Not again! :(

Scott Hardie | September 7, 2007
Sorry I missed your birthday on the site homepage, Aaron. Something must have gone very wrong with that code. :-( But you have yourself a happy one, and I hope to see you online this weekend.

Amy Austin | September 7, 2007
I really really really hate birthdays! Just a reminder that you've been around another year...

And I knew that. Which is why I didn't play my usual role in starting a birthday discussion for you! ;-[)

Actually, I kind of quit that habit once I'd been here for a few of the same birthdays... ;-p But there's always the chance to resurrect a birthday discussion -- and now, there's one for you, too... >;-)


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