Yeah, my espanol is muy malo.

I feel like I should just come out and admit that I was probably lying yesterday. I have a habit (preference, actually) for claiming I voted for whoever wins the election, not matter whether it is true or not. I feel that it allows me to get behind him/her (yeah, I know there's no female presidents...yet...but for the future), and support the current administration. I think that people should accept the President once the entire nation has spoken, and at least be nice about disagreeing with him/her, keeping in mind that the nation as a whole supports him/her. So, yeah, maybe I actually did vote Obama, maybe I didn't. And maybe I did vote W in the two elections previous, maybe I didn't. I'll never tell. I felt kind of bad for not being up front about that when I posted to the TC discussion.

So, the take home points are:

1) Aaron voted, but he'll never admit who he voted for once the winner is known.
2) Aaron is, if not a full out liar, at least a deceptive person, and he is not sorry for that.
3) Aaron is looking forward to supporting the current administration.

I've also already heard people saying that Obama will probably have an advantage, in that if his administration looks bad at the start (or, some suggest, through his whole first term), he has the handy excuse that the W administration has messed things up so badly that it will take a while to set things straight. I hope that he doesn't use that as an excuse, but at the same time, I hope people realize that there won't be a magical change come January 20th, 2009 (if I have the date right). Although, you know what? If come January, unicorns are prancing, everyone's farts smell of flowers and fresh baked goods, and the world spontaneously goes brighter (like in those Claritin commercials), that would be awesome!

Part 2 take home points:

1) Obama has work to do, so let's be a little easy on him.
2) Excuses only last so long, though.
3) Aaron has the audacity and cojones to put farts and unicorns in the same sentence! ;)

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