Here it is, at great risk to my personal safety. A photo of what goes on in the seedy underground world of adult Kickball. If you are squeamish, you might not want to look at this picture...

:) That's me and my good friend Irish Magic...

I love this guy!!!

I love this site, too, but one of the things I really love (and this is a personal thing, so it probably won't make sense...) is that every time I mention to someone (or they find out on their own) that I have a tattoo, they freak out. "Not you!" "Why?" "Were you drunk?!" these are the typical responses. I mentioned it in my blog a week back (or so...don't remember the exact day), and I was nervous, since I am tired of feeling like a leper, or that for whatever reason, I should be above such "horrible" body modification as a tattoo. Which is why I typically don't mention. But, it fit the occasion, since it is a Dragonlance themed tattoo (I planned it out when I was mom about flipped when I got it just after my 19th birthday, because she thought I'd forget about it, or grow out of it by the time I got old enough to do it. Ha ha!), and I was discussing the film, so I just did it. The response: nothing! Thank you all for being so cool about it! Everyone here rocks!!!

Either that, or no one really reads my posts, and no one noticed the mention....

I also love Mena Suvari's lip-synching in the "Teenage Dirtbag" video I mentioned some time ago. I've watched the video like 5 times since I made it song of the day, just because it's that awesome!!!

Six Replies to 25-IV-2008 or Seedy Underground

Scott Hardie | April 26, 2008
I read it, and I didn't think it was weird. Good for you. :-)

Steve West | April 27, 2008
Read it. Said, "Cool." Moved on. Still cool.

Amy Austin | April 28, 2008
Ditto x 2.

Amy Austin | April 28, 2008
P.S. -- I think you should bring your friend Irish to SausageFest... ;-)

Kelly Hardie | April 30, 2008
Tattoo? It's odd these days to find that someone hasn't gotten one. I have one.

Amy Austin | April 30, 2008
Ditto x 3.


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