I caught the tail end of Office Space the other night. Always improves my mood, somehow. I almost wish I worked in an office, so the jokes would be funnier. Almost. :P

Well, I'm in the thick of it and I'm wearing thin, as the expression goes. My boss is on vacation, and so is one of my direct co-workers. My work load is a heavy heavy burden right now. I might not survive the week. I kid, of course. I'll survive, but it'll be painful. :(

A good hard day of planting tomatoes and walking around in the hot sun. You would think one of these times I'd remember the sunscreen. *sigh* I'll be that leathery-skinned old fogey one day that everyone makes fun of (assuming I don't get skin cancer and die early). It's not that I don't know the risks, or that I don't have sunscreen, I just forget.

How come I can sweat my buttocks off all day, doing manual labor, but I can never seem to lose weight? It's got to be the Pepsi. Curse you, PepsiCola! Is there a 12 step program for cola addiction? I need to start one if there isn't one! (Not to belittle 12 step programs, nor do I wish to imply that cola addiction is as bad of an addiction as drugs or alcohol...but it's at least as bad as gambling or smoking!!)

Song of the Day? "I'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why" by Butt Trumpet. Just because Butt Trumpet is still one of my favorite band names! This is a vulgar song. No redeeming qualities. Seriously. Don't look for it. Don't listen to it. Just know that I have issues, and that your life will be darkened if you are subjected to this song.

I think that's it. Busy day tomorrow, so I might skip another day. I hope not, but you never know...

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Jackie Mason | August 22, 2006
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Scott Hardie | August 27, 2006
Time always weeds out the true classics from the passing sensations, and I've enjoyed seeing that phenomenon in the nineties. Forrest Gump was the big hit of 1994 and where is it now, compared to the present stature of its peers Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption? Office Space belongs to the same pantheon of nineties movies that are only now getting the mantle of greatness they deserve, with The Usual Suspects and Groundhog Day and Trainspotting.


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