Warning! I'll be trying to watch my language, but I make no promises. Keep children and people with low tolerance for profanity away. If you try to read into my edited profanity, you get what you deserve.

Actually, let's keep the children part as a general rule for always, not just this post, k?

First, all you [people who engage in sexual intercourse with women who have previously had children] out there who are trying to convince me (or maybe yourselves?) the "Handlebars" by the Flo-bots (or is it Flow Bots? Flobots? Flowbots? whatever) is a good song. It's not. The music is simplified at best. Sounds like it's played on a playskool kid's toy. And, by the way, to the rotten rat [child, usually male, conceived out wedlock] who told me "no, man. you have to listen to the words, man. the words are deep. you have to hear the real meaning.", I have just this to say: [fornicate] YOU!!!! The words are asinine. They're not deep, they're deeply moronic!!

Second. Listen. If you continue to hue and holler about how it's not right that people refer to Barack Obama as Barack Hussein Obama, people are going to think it's a problem. It's not. It's his name. You can't change it (or if you do, you'll make the supposed "problem" even worse). Just embrace it. Say, yeah, that's his name, so? and move on. Anyone who is [fornicating] stupid enough to think Obama is a terrorist or linked to terrorism just based on his middle name has a head full of [feces], and you're not going to convince him/her otherwise. The more you get mad at Republicans who say it, the more it looks like they have something. LET IT [fornicating] GO!!! You can't win over the idiots who think this way. You cannot!

Third, you know what the problem is with these pills I'm taking? They don't make me less depressed, really, but they do make me more aware of my depression. Before, my wife would tell me I seemed depressed all the time, but I wouldn't feel depressed, so I would be confused (and a bit angry to be called depressed, to be quite honest with you). My wife wanted me to try medication. Dr Coo-Coo was not for medication (ironically, she made the original call to set up the appointment, so that's her bad). This was bad for her. I finally got my current regular doctor to give me medication. Now, I feel depressed, but I don't know what to do about it. Is ti really a step in the right direction to go from being depressed but unaware of it, to fully aware that you are depressed, but you can't to [fornicate]-all about it??

104 days until GooCon! I'll try to get my head straight before then, I swear.

Next weekend is MetroCon! Hopefully that will cheer me up. Luci Christian won't be there this year, though. Why? :( Not that we hang out or anything, but it was almost like a constant to see her there. She will be sorely missed (not that she would ever even read this and know that! :))

And, no, still not going to cosplay. :P

Seriously, Scott, 104 days! I've offered my help if you need any, so keep me in mind. I'm right here! :)

And remember, it's never to late to decide to come down! OK, technically, I am sure that Scott would say that there is a date after which it would be difficult to work people in, but I am sure that we can figure that out later! :) So, keep playing the lottery and come on down! Again, I promise that in "real life" I am so shy and sedate that you need not worry about me. I come across as a crazy angry wild guy, but I'm really not, so don't worry about that!!

How narcissistic and paranoid is it that I really do wonder if people are not coming because they read my blog and think, "That Aaron is one [fornicated] up dood! Let's not go to GooCon. Holy [feces]! Did I just think the F word? And now the S word?! Aaron's vile mental issues must be contagious! I better get out of here before I start thinking more vile words like [female dog], [rectal oriface], or the dreaded [I'm not even going there! It starts with a C and you know the word! Shame on you for thinking it!!]! Oh, crap, I just did!"

I just heard "Tonight" by Def Leppard on the radio the other day. It's one of those songs you rarely hear, so that was nice.

Oh, just so you know, I added a video to Johnny Cash's Rock Block card. I know the song is not his, but he really did make that song his. I don't have a lot of fondness for cover songs, usually. Unless the reproduction is exact and awesome (see Faith No More's cover of Black Sabbath's Iron Man, which is really good), they usually end up leaving me feeling.... This case, however, Johnny Cash really took the song, and made it his in ways that send goose bumps up my arms to hear it. I hope it doesn't get zapped, and that people enjoy it.

The song of the day is that one song by Death Cab For Cutie that Ms. Amy posted in the Song Crush forum of TC. I heard it on the radio, and it's taken me until just now to remember where I first heard it from! It's actually pretty good, and I never would have stopped to listen to it if I hadn't heard it earlier from the forum. I think it's called "I Will Possess Your Heart", but don't hold me to that.

I have to go to work. I'll be back through eventually.

[EDIT] I don't know if this will work, but this is what I've been up to lately...

I went to the petting zoo!!! It was a class trip!!! Yay lil sheep!

Twelve Replies to 12-VII-2008 or Furious Ranting

Scott Hardie | July 12, 2008
Very [fornicating] funny. :-)

Kelly will be at MetroCon.

Aaron Shurtleff | July 13, 2008
Kelly's going? Awesome! I hope I see her there! And you, Scott??

Also, the new picture is of my character from a free-to-play (FTP) online game called Dream of Mirror Online or DoMO. It's fun, and the visuals are cute.

And it's not all about going to the petting zoo! :)

I am so tempted to put DoMO picture updates in every post from here on out! :P

Lori Lancaster | July 13, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | July 13, 2008
I'm not going. And now Kelly tells me she's not sure she's going after telling me about how she's going. So I don't know any more; she can write her own reply to this. :-)

Aaron Shurtleff | July 13, 2008
-Oh, Lori... you're not a Handlebars lover, are you? :(

-My point exactly!

-I agree.

-She was never on the list of guests, which surprised me since I think she had been there every year. Vic is cool, and you know it!

-Oh, I got the time and I got the cojones, thank you oh so much! OK, time not so much, actually. Plus, I don't think I'd look good as anyone I know of... I did some LARP, but I always felt kind of silly doing it. I couldn't relax enough, I think.

-That's why I said keep playing the lottery! I'm sure that $$$$$ is the problem for most people.

-I notice that you didn't say balls in the fifth response, but that you did in your seventh. Interesting. :)

-Isn't that awesome! I'm Sailor Uranus! ;)

Kelly Lee | July 14, 2008
Nah, I'm not going. A group that I'm somewhat affiliated with (they are trying to play the "LARP" that i play but not from my park, are running a demo there. Mostly high school kids hitting each other with foam. I was going to go to help support them, but I think they just want to do this on their own, so it's cool. It's the guys hitting each other with foam swords.

Lori Lancaster | July 15, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Jackie Mason | July 15, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | July 15, 2008
You mean there really is a Sailor Uranus? Dang! I thought I was being funny. :(

Lori Lancaster | July 15, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Aaron Shurtleff | July 17, 2008
I was being serious, unfortunately. I only knew about the first four. But, I did read up about it now! :)

Scott Hardie | July 20, 2008
Fyi, I did remove a few of the RB videos you added, since they were marked "embedding disabled by request" and wouldn't play on this site. It happens more and more lately. No dis intended. The videos for Def Leppard and Slayer remain.


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