Random title of a spam message that came to my work e-mail address recently. Thought it was amusing enough to use as a post title!

Well, it's Memorial Day, so take some time to appreciate the sacrifices others have made for you today. And even if you've got a problem with the day (as it seems people always have problems with occasions like this), try to appreciate what others have done and lost to get us to this day.

And, I'm at work (obviously). :( And I'll be at Target later. Oh! Before I forget, let me just say the following: The views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author (Aaron S. Shurtleff), and should not be in any way considered the opinions of Target Corporation or any of its employees (other than the aforementioned Aaron S. Shurtleff). There! I think that covers it. There is a new push to remind employees to keep confidential information confidential, and one of the things that was requested was that people make a note that whatever is said in one's blog does not represent Target in any way. Yeah, I think it's silly, it should go without saying, and I have never (and will never) claim to speak for Target Corporation, but it's a minor thing for me to do, and it doesn't hurt me to do it. Much like having the government know what books I've read at the library, I don't see why people get all up in arms about stupid sh!t like this. But I'm sure that there's somebody, upon reading this, thinking about how incensed they are that a corporation would dare to force someone to say something like that in their personal blog. I'm not forced. It was a request, I was not singled out. I wanted to do it. *shrug*

I think I need to get home soon. I'm tired of working, and no one else is left here today. I just had to get a couple things done in order to not fall behind for the week. I wasn't even forced to be here, really. I just couldn't deal with not getting all my stuff done this week. And I won't even get any kind of compensation for being here, since I cannot be paid overtime in my position, and any compensatory time must be used within the same pay week (the trick being that, if I could afford to take time off this week, I wouldn't be here right now earning compensatory time that I can't use). I must be the ideal employee...except for the blogging!

I heard a song on the radio, and I think the first line of the chorus was "Teenagers scare the living shit out of me." That's the song of the day, even though I don't really even know the song. It cracked me up yesterday, though, so that's all I ask of a song!

It's been quiet lately around here. I wonder if everyone disappeared until the next GOO game starts...

Two Replies to 28-V-2007 or Hippies will always attack an Elf, when they see one.

Scott Hardie | May 28, 2007
I'm incensed that Target Corporation would say that hippies will always attack elves! Who do they think they are?

Lori Lancaster | May 28, 2007
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