Just a random part of an identification key for parasitic wasps I'm struggling with at work today. Random titles are hard to come up with some days. :(

Well, who loves working overtime? I don't. :( Had to finish up the last parts of an experiment for a visiting scientist who is going back to Israel next week. He's lucky I'm so easy-going! *ha*

Today has been a less than good day. I have no comment about work, since I'd hate to say something to come back and haunt me. Of course, everyone has those days, so I guess I'm in good company. I need a Friday beer. Just one beer. It can't hurt to relax and have a beer. Right?

So, random alcoholism aside, I have a job to do this weekend. A former co-worker is bringing her son over to visit with me and play video games. It's his sisters' birthdays (not like twins or nothing, just close to each other), and their father is taking them out for birthday goodness, leaving him alone. I get to be super playmate for a day. I don't understand why kids love me, but they do. I think I send off a vibe. I'm not really that comfortable with kids, but what can one do? I usually end up having fun, and kids aren't as judgemental as adults. It should be ideal. I have the apprehension, though. I just have a nervousness around kids (different from the nervousness I have around other people...I'm a nervous dood!). But, I get to spend a day playing video games guilt-free! Can't look a gift horse is the mouth, eh?

Song of the day: "Weep Day" by They Might Be Giants. I don't know why this song is one of my favorite TMBG songs. It just makes me giggle to hear it! Part of the song (hopefully I don't massacre the story) involves an album cover for a re-make (I think) for Mr. Tambourine Man. The title was truncated to fit on the cover, and it looked like this:

Mr. Tambo-
urine Man

So, thus, in this song this quote:

It's samba time for Tambo,
but weep day for Urine Man.

And, of course, it's TMBG craziness! TMBG gives me happy feelings!!

Am I the only one who has to watch what they do because of inappropriate emotional outbreaks? There are certain movies that I can't watch without bawling (No, I won't say which! :P). Anyone else have that problem, or am I just a big pussy? There are a couple songs that I hear on the radio that'll do about the same thing. Fortunately, this is rarely a problem, since I can keep it to myself, and not have to have people wondering why I just randomly busted into tears, or had a different violent mood swing. I should probably tell my therapist about that, but I don't want to give him any more ammunition.

Does it void the usefulness of seeing a therapist if you hold back information from him? I bet it does. Will that cause me to open up to him more. Not on your life, sweetheart! :)

I don't mean sweetheart in an offensive manner, of course. It's just a term, and I don't even know who's reading this. I won't change it, but I do wonder if someone will come across this one day and be offended that they were called sweetheart, even if it was in such a manner. Hmmm..

I gotta get home by 2300 (11:00pm) to see the repeat of House. I don't know what it is about that show, but it's got my full attention. Too bad I work on Tuesday nights. :( Oh, well. That's what repeats are for!

I just cleaned my office, and it's back to a sty already! I need to get cleanly. I won't, but I need to.

OK, this has devolved into random statements. I'm out of here. See you all on Monday!

Unless I get sick...or call in sick to play hooky...or any of a million random things that could stop me from being here to post on Monday...bye

EDITED AT 1800 (6:00 PM) -- God! I gotta go home! I just wanted to add that kickball was a wash. Ended in a tie. A TIE!! They say getting a tie is like kissing your sister. In kickball, it's kissing Your Mom!!!

I guess that's only funny if you know that my kickball team's name is Your Mom. As in, "No one has better ball control than Your Mom!" or "Your Mom loves it in the mud!" We never get tired of the bad puns on our name! :) Actually, we do most of the punning!!!!

One Reply to 11-VIII-2006 or Scutellum with Sublateral Grooves

Amy Austin | August 11, 2006
"Sweetheart"?!?!? Awww, shucks! ;-D

Heheh... I once played for a softball team called "Cold Beer" -- I like "Your Mom" better! (And I miss kickball, too...)


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