I just saw on CNN that we caught the polygamist who was on the FBI's most wanted list. Hmm... I should read the article to see what he did exactly. I thought most polygamists stayed to themselves, mostly. As a person with one wife, I can't imagine what kind of time it takes to keep a posse of wives happy! This guy has gotta be either the happiest or most miserable guy in the world...and I'm split as to which it could be.

I thought it would be easier to do all of this blogging stuff, but either I underestimated the time I need to post in here daily, or my job is getting more and more time-consuming. Seems like I just want to relax and have water (Pepsi) when I have a break period.

I'm falling behind on GOOs, too. I'll blame that on the super-hard GOO. It's really time, but what can I do? Blame someone else!

I was kind of disappointed to hear that we still don't know who killed JonBenet Ramsey. It seems kind of curious, though. How does this guy have "unreleased information"? I heard he corresponded with the now-deceased mother, but that could go either way. I mean, as a parent, the mother could have been told all of the "secret information", but did she really tell a supposed stranger all that? If Carr wasn't there, who told him what was up?

I need to quit killing myself with nicotene. I quit for three months or so, then I get weak, buy a pack, smoke it down, and then quit again. Until three more months pass... I can do the cut down; it's the weaning off that gets me. I need that gum or something...

I saw a carrot by the side of the road the other day. Just lying there. It looked kind of sad, but I can't explain why I felt that way. It was just a carrot after all. I'll have to tell my therapist about it. He'll ask me what I think it means, I'll say I don't know (I don't honestly), and the conversation will go nowhere, but it's fun to throw in the unexplainable! I need to keep my mouth shut. Maybe he'll let me stop going. :)

Song of the day? Gosh. I don't have anything stuck in my head. I would say the new K-Fed song, but I want to pretend that I never heard it. I would say something by Paris Hilton, but I'm praying never to hear such a thing. I'm fresh out of weird obscure songs that no one knows about, and I am not hip enough to know any new songs that I could recommend.

It seems a shame not to have one, though.

"Fire Door" by Ani DiFranco. I heard she has a new album out. I've seen her in concert three times, which is probably three more times than any other straight guy who wasn't trying to get a lesbian/bisexual girl into his bed. She has a very provocative voice. Just my opinion. This is one of my favorite songs...other than maybe "32 Flavors", but that's too mainstream! ;)

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Lori Lancaster | August 29, 2006
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