Latest piece of happy University of Florida related e-mail that came through. I mean, it's good that they keep us informed, but I'm not driving all the way up to Gainesville for peanuts...even if they are big peanuts!

Let alone discussing the existance of a soils club...

Nothing new here. It's been really really busy lately. I've been learning how to do the job of the post-doc here, because he is out the door as of today. He's getting another job closer to his wife...just to make sure that didn't sound like he was getting canned. He's a great worker, and he will be missed. That means I'm doing lots and lots of work. :( I'll figure something out...I usually do! :)

Big lunch today, as a going away for the post-doc! Going to a local Thai restaurant. I do like the Thai food. I'll probably get the Panang curry with chicken, as I usually do, with a Thai iced tea to drink. Is everyone familiar with the Thai iced tea? You can actually feel your teeth rotting out of your head when you drink it, but it's so good!!!! ;)

Things are going well on the coo-coo side. I think I'm making some headway. Not that anyone wants to hear about my mental issues, but it's on my mind, so you have to read it. (Unless you're not reading this, but you won't know you're not reading this, since you're not reading this...whoa...that's deep...)

A person I knew from high school recently passed away. I'm not sure how I feel about that. He wasn't a close friend (if I can be said to have close friends), but I still feel that I should feel something. It's kind of odd, I think, but maybe everyone deals with issues like this from time to time. He was an aerial surveyor in Alaska, which sounds like a pretty cool job, but, obviously, there are some job hazards. His plane crashed and both the pilot and he were killed. It's kind of a bad way to go, and I don't have all the details of why he crashed, but it's still tragic. This is one of those trite things that people say, but I think he's probably in a better place. I already raised a toast to him (being a drunk), but I say it here for effect. Here's to you, Aric!

The song of the day is going to be "This Ain't a Love Song" by Bon Jovi. It's one of those songs that gets stuck in my head from time to time. It ain't easy being married to a Jersey girl sometimes! (Confidential to my wife: I kid!) Seriously, though, Bon Jovi has had an amazing run, and I like them OK. It is what it is, you like them or you don't.

Ooh! My package has arrived!! Talk to y'all again later!


Scott Hardie | September 29, 2006
Sorry about your old acquaintance, Aaron. That's a terrible way to go.


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