I have a post to write, but I'm not sure I can get to it in its entirety before the end of work, so I might just be holding this space for a while. Think of it as an announcement that something is coming later tonight (after kickball). It actually, in some ways, involves kickball.

Well, last night was the Ministry concert. The opening acts were OK. I enjoyed both of them (Hemlock and Mesuggah), and if you're into the heavier side of metal, I would recommend either. Ministry was AWESOME! They did mostly their newer stuff, but they ended it with some of their classics (like Thieves and New World Order). The pit was great! I should be too old to jump in the pit (and honestly, I am...I wasn't in the pit for the whole show, but a few songs, and that's it), but I think it's good to get the full experience at these shows.

The trouble comes in when a friend of mine from kickball (we'll call her Sunshine, which is her kcikball nickname...mine is ASS) didn't show up. I texted her, and she said she wasn't coming. I asked her why, and she cryptically replied "I guess you haven't read the paper or seen the news." I asked what was up, and she said she was in a lot of trouble, and I have to ask Ace at kickball the next day (that would be today, for those of you keeping track) (and, yes, another alias). Of course, knowing that whatever it was apparently made the news, I looked it up online. Possession of cocaine, Adderall, and paraphenalia. That's not good at all. Plus, her profession is in the elementary education field, so that's not the kind of job that I would imagine will go kindly on that kind of thing. And what do you say to someone going through that? I told her last night (not knowing what the problem was) good luck and let me know if there's anything I can do, which sounded trite then, and knowing now what I do, it still sounds insufficient. But what can I do? I do hope things work out well. I hope she can get through this and become a better person (and she is a great person already, honestly). But there's really no much I can do. She only recently started playing kickball, so she's not really been a friend for a long while, and I really doubt that I'd be the kind of person she'd reach out to in her current times, but I hope that, if I can help her out somehow, she gives me a call.

But there's really no good way for a married man to tell an attractive single female friend that she can call anytime if she needs anything! :)

Anyhow, I guess I did get the whole thing put down. I was talking to my co-worker about it, and I'm trying to explain that I don't condone drug use, but I do hope things work out. She (the co-worker) seemed to feel more that it's important that we not have people who are teaching our children be setting this kind of bad example. And I understand the point, really. But do we really have to condemn those who do these things to the point where they lose their livelihood forever? Don't we all deserve to get a second chance?

This from the guy who believes in capital punishment... ;)

I don't know. I think my head is all messed up over this. I don't know if Sunshine will ever see this, but if she does, I hope she knows that I did not blog about this to add to her embarrassment, or to shame her or anything. I am just concerned about her, and I really hope she can get through all the hell that is coming, and know that she has friends who are willing to support her.

The song of the day isn't Poison's "Fallen Angel", although I briefly considered it, based on the title. Because of what all that happened, I have two songs of the day, both of which relate to the situation. "Master Of Puppets" by Metallica (obviously, if you know the lyrics) and "From The Inside" by Def Leppard.

I almost don't feel like going to kickball tonight. It seems crappy to have fun when a friend from kickball is in a bad predicament. I don't know...

Two Replies to 24-IV-2008 or Fallen Angel

Scott Hardie | April 25, 2008
Good luck out there, Sunshine. This can be life-changing.

Kelly Hardie | April 30, 2008
Wow. See, here is where we are different. Someone that I know who is a teacher, who gets busted for motherfucking, cocaine?
My response would be:
Sorry. Not your friend. You made that choice. You clean up, maybe we will see about being friends. Life sucks if you make that choice to do cocaine and be a teacher. No one held a gun to your head and made you do it, and you felt that you were a good role model for kids. Wrong. You lose.

And I would never speak to them again. Thems the brakes.


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