Does anyone listen to that? Really? ;)

Are there any girls out there who give doctors (or nurses, or other medical professionals) a hard time when they get medications that should not be taken if you "are or could be pregnant"? So that's what? Only a medication for pre-menopausal, post-menopausal, or sterile women? A lot of women could be pregnant! That's not a very informative warning.

Yes, I know. They mean could be pregnant at present (that kind of rhymes...nice!)! I'm just stubborn. :P

It's a short one today. I hope to get internet at home soon. Then I can post more when I think of things to say which I forget very quickly... :( Of course, now that Final Fantasy XII is out, I have no free time! :D Pretty OK so far. They're moving away from the strict turn-based system that I liked. I'll reserve judgement until I see how it ends, but I can already see the "powergaming tweak". If you play the action-based games, you probably know what I mean. If not, you will if you give it a try. :)

I got FFXII pretty cheap! The game is regularly $49.95. I got a 10% employee discount, since I got it at Target. Plus, I had to 10% discount for being a loyal abuser of the Target Visa (every 1000 points you get, you get a 10% off day...points are $1/point at Target, or $2/point at other places...putting all my gas charges on it (plus the 1 hour commute each way) means I get these every other month!). PLUS they had a promotion where you get a $5 gift card with purchase of the game. So I ended up paying (after tax) $39.00 (exactly), plus a $5 gift card. So, I bought a $50 game on release day for $34.00! Not bad, if I do say so myself, and I certainly do! :)

The song of the day is "Flagpole Sitta" by Harvey Danger. It's funny! Plus, it's on the radio.

Oh! At work, the farm crew likes to play the radio in the vehicle while they work. Today they were blasting the "hits" station while I was working in the adjacent field. About the time that "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion hit my ears, I started to reconsider the advantages of putting up a border wall with Mexico. Don't they teach taste in Mexico?!

Yes, I kid. Yes, the workers (I don't know that they are undocumented) do a kick ass job. But still, Celine Dion is the devil. AUGH! I need a bath...I feel dirty.

Three Replies to 3-XI-2006 or Do Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages When Taking This Medicine

Anna Gregoline | November 6, 2006
Uh...every woman I know has a pretty good idea of whether she "could be" pregnant. You should know when you've had sex, and you also know when you've had a period. It's not rocket science.

Aaron Shurtleff | November 6, 2006
Well, see, I take the meaning of "could be" to imply having the ability to be doing so. I "could be" home drinking a beer, but I'm not. I'm at work (not working, but that's another story!). A lot of women "could be" pregnant, but they are not, for various reasons (the not having sex is a pretty good reason...). I guess I'm being too literal.

Either that or I'm just not funny...

Amy Austin | December 31, 2006
Or both. ;-)


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